3d Lacrosse Introduces 3d Southland to OC, Greater LA Area

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – 3d Lacrosse, the nation’s leading lacrosse services company, is pleased to announce the formation of 3d Southland, a market designation that will serve as the new banner for the company’s lineup of elite club teams, training, workshops, camps and clinics in Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Joining the 3d Orange County and 3d Los Angeles programs into one new brand, 3d Southland will cover a 220-mile stretch of the California coast and will serve lacrosse players and families from as far north as Santa Barbara and as far south as San Clemente.

Adam Sear, a former midfielder at the University of Maryland and for the Australian national team, has been appointed senior manager of 3d Southland. Sear has been working as a regional manager in the Orange County and Greater Los Angeles area since June 2014. Before joining 3d, Sear was an assistant coach at Stevenson University, where he helped guide the team to the NCAA Division III championship in 2013.

“I am truly thrilled that we will be unifying our groups under one program banner and changing the mentality in a way that will ultimately bring these young lacrosse players together as they work toward the common goal of improving their skills in lacrosse and developing off the field as well,” Sear said.

Teams and programming previously operated by 3d Orange County or 3d Los Angeles will now operate under the 3d Southland brand, with Sear overseeing all activities.

3d Southland boys and girls players will have access to the full playbook of training opportunities offered through 3d Lacrosse’s Box-Field Hybrid™ Development System. Members of the 3d Southland lacrosse family will have access to 3d Lacrosse’s unmatched network of coaches and national teams, camps and showcase opportunities.

“This move will help us better achieve our goal of being the most professional lacrosse services organization in the sport,” Sear said. “By bringing our people and resources in this region together, 3d Southland is going to help us deliver better coaching, more teaching and increased opportunities to our players and families.”

The joining of the 3d Orange County and 3d Los Angeles brands will have the most notable impact on the new-look select offering, 3d Select Southland. Attracting the most driven and dedicated players from Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles Area, 3d Select Southland will give these student-athletes a chance to train with and compete alongside the best of the best from their region.

“I’m excited to be able to bring these two groups together to offer them the best select experience possible, to be able to mold and teach them together, help them forge friendships and ultimately create a bigger and better player pool in Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles Area,” Sear said.

“By doing this we are also enhancing and developing the lacrosse culture here in the region by bringing people together to share in learning and getting better at the sport, which is essential to the 3d Lacrosse mission.”

3d Southland’s logo features a new colorway, which Sear said is meant to be indicative of the lifestyle and personality of the region and the new sense of exhilaration he hopes to bring to his players and coaches.

“Lacrosse is supposed to be fun, and we want to keep it that way,” Sear said, referring to the 3d Southland color combination of navy blue, fluorescent blue and magenta.

“While we take training and getting better seriously, we want our players to enjoy their experiences with us and with their teammates. We want them to have fun within our program as they learn about the game and figure out if and where they would like to play in college.”

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact 3d Southland Regional Director Adam Sear at asear@3dlacrosse.com.

About 3d Lacrosse

3d Lacrosse is the nation’s fastest-growing lacrosse services company, offering innovative training, premier events, select travel teams, recruiting showcases and leagues for boys and girls ages six through 18 at all levels of organized competition. Founded in 2009, the Company trains more than 35,000 athletes annually using its proprietary Box-Field Hybrid™ Development System that combines the tight stick-handling and ball control of box lacrosse with the team-based field strategies used in Division I college programs. In addition to lacrosse-specific training, professional coaches help players develop lifelong skills, including dedication, teamwork and critical thinking under pressure. Based in Denver, 3d Lacrosse also has offices in Annapolis, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco. Learn more at www.3dLacrosse.com.