Young Guys Rule in Santa Margarita Alumni Game

Santa-Margarita_-Thumb.jpegThe Grinch could not stop Christmas, neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will stop the mail, and a little construction at the home field is certainly not going to get in the way of the annual Santa Margarita Catholic High School alumni game. A Christmas week tradition normally held at the Santa Margarita turf field was at risk as recently as two weeks ago when the construction crews broke ground on the new Santa Margarita track. Fortunately, the always-faithful Santa Margarita families pulled together on very short notice (during a very busy time of the year I might add) to secure the field at La Paz Intermediate School so the show could go on.


As always the young and the old showed up for the alumni game. JR, Grubert, the first lacrosse captain in Santa Margarita history, repped the inaugural 2006 team. Garrett Parsons showed up on behalf of the class of 2013, and noted luminaries like Connor Mullarkey, Andrew “Ocho’ Luher, Dez Bolia, Sam Applegate, Dan Applegate, Jack Cranston, and Frankie Berry were there for all the classes in between. No doubt all of these guys would be in the Santa Margarita lacrosse hall of fame if there were such a thing.

Grubert, the elder statesmen of the team, took his place on the sidelines as head coach of the alumni team. He vehemently denied rumors that having reached his late 20s that it was now time to drop the “JR” if favor of the more appropriate moniker “Sr.” Meanwhile Grubert’s long time pal and boss at Adrenaline, Adam Guy, took the helm for the first time as Santa Margarita head coach. An unconfirmed source who may have been misquoted out of context reported that CIF is launching an investigation into whether or not Guy used undue influence to get Grubert to throw the game.

The game was played in a festive atmosphere with a large group of varsity and alumni families cheering from the sidelines while catching up on old times. The camaraderie on the field was obvious as old friends tried to show one another up, talked smack, and joked around. The varsity kicked off the Adam Guy era in grand fashion by reversing last year’s 11-7 defeat by a score that is best described as many to few.

Senior Ravi Dhouni had this to say after the game: “Wow. I hope I don’t grow up to be like those guys”. Actually Ravi said nothing of the sort but things get a little slow around here at during the holidays, and sometimes you have to stretch the truth a bit to sell a few newspapers.

All in all it was a great day, and at least one Santa Margarita alumni parent extends a warm thanks to the Santa Margarita families and Program Director Vince Garcia for all the trouble they went through this year to keep a great tradition alive, and is already looking forward to next year’s game and free pizza.