Don’t understand the rules of lacrosse? Wish you knew more about the the girls’ or boys’? Look no further than’s Rule of the Day series.

There are many misinterpretations of rules on the boys’ and girls’ side that lead to frustration, confusion, and even the distrust of officials. It is important that everyone takes the time to read the rulebook for themselves. The rulebook can be daunting if you haven’t played the game or are unfamiliar with commonly used terms. MaxLaxOC has designed a video series in hopes to help clarify any confusion on the field and in the stands.

It is widely believed that girls’ lacrosse is not a contact sport. While any contact with the defender’s stick on the offensive player or body check is illegal, contact is actually required for good fundamental defense. Hands and forearms are most commonly used to keep a player out of high percentage goal positions as demonstrated by Michelle.

Slashing is one of the most common penalties in boys’ lacrosse. Unlike the girls’ game, full body contact is abundant and checking with the crosse is encouraged. However, it must be under control and the check must land either on the hands or stick. Orange County official Deron Hansen keeps it simple, short and concise, just as it is in the rulebook.


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