Maximize Your Explosiveness with This Training Tip from VSP

It’s a simple statement with a whole lot of weight management behind it: Lean the way you want to go.

One of the most admired attributes in the world of athletics and competition is quickness or the ability to change directions explosively! Quickness is so highly valued by coaches because if their athletes can move and react in a multiplanar direction faster than opponents; chances of success are sharply increased!

When it comes to change of direction, the name of the game is body control. Many athletes are thrown off guard when required to change directions on the spot as their body weight continues to go the same way. At Victory Sports Performance, they teach their athletes the importance of being prepared to shift body weight to lean the way you need to get to next!

Exercise: five yard cone touch. On the go, the athlete shuffles towards the cone. With the hand closest to the cone, the athlete touches the cone, leaning back towards the start, and sprints back with a controlled stop.

There are many more tips and tricks to learn about changing direction, FAST!

Teran Rodriguez
Teran Rodriguez has been a member of the MaxLax family for three years (going on four).