VSP Training Tip: Coordination and Agility


As a performance coach and professional athlete, I’m perplexed at how little importance and emphasis coaches and parents give to fundamental motor skills based training for our young burgeoning athletes. And yet it’s one of the most important things we can do for them in preparing their bodies (and minds) for the physical rigors of their chosen sport or sports.

“Countless scientific studies have proven that there is a positive interrelationship between neuromuscular motor skill competence (fundamental motor skill / FMS) and muscular strength in youth athletes. Vern Gambetta, considered to be the Founding Father of Functional Sports Training, defines athleticism as ‘executing athletic movements at optimum speed with precision, style, and grace.’ 1

A common misconception is that children naturally attain proficient levels of FMS; however, many children do not. The consensus among professionals is that a higher exposure to physical activity provides more opportunities to promote neuromotor development.2

At Victory Sports Performance, athletes as young as eight years old train with us every day. We provide young athletes a fun and encouraging environment in which they can learn proper movement patterns that will set them up for success in the future! Check out the video above to see one example of how we teach quick feet and body control to our youngest athletes!

To learn more, sign your child up for a free trial now. Together, we’ll unleash their full potential!

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Coordination and agility training in young athletes is important to help them achieve greater performance success in their chosen sport or sports.

1Rick  Howard, MED, CSCS,*D, USAW. Integrative Neuromuscular Training for Youth. National Strength and Conditioning Association.
2Stodden, D, and Goodway, JD. The dynamic association between motor skill development and physical activity. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 78(8): 33, 2007.”

Contributed by Mitch Marmelstein


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