USC to Host Girls’ Lacrosse Summer Camp

Usc_football_logoUSC Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach Lindsey Munday will lead a three-day summer lacrosse camp at USC this July.

Starting on July 8, the Munday Lacrosse Summer Camp will cater to players from grade 7 to incoming college freshmen.  Players have the option to commute or stay at USC.  The camp will include the Munday Lacrosse Goalie School, led by Team USA’s World Cup Champion Goalkeeper, and USC Assistant Coach Devon Wills.


WHAT:  Munday Lacrosse Summer Camp

WHEN: July 8-10


WHO: Players from Grade 7- Incoming College Freshmen.  Goalies welcome!


Overnight: $505; Commuter $405

Goalie Overnight: $555; Goalie Commuter: $455

Youth Camp Grades K-6 (July 9, 9am-3pm only): $85

WHY: From the Summer Camp BROCHURE:

The Munday Lacrosse staff aims to provide top notch instruction and foster an atmosphere where young girls gain the confidence and determination that it takes to excel on the field, and in all aspects of life.  Each camp is geared to a particular audience and curriculum will vary.  Girls are grouped based on experience level, age, and school/club teammates.

The Munday Lacrosse Goalie School brings specialized instruction for a position which often proves difficult for coaches to give the attention it deserves…  It is the goal of the Munday Lacrosse Goalie School to teach young goalkeepers to perfect ‘in-crease’ techniques, and give them confidence to excell out of the crease.  The Goalie School will provide personal and detailed coaching to each athlete to highlight their strengths and develop their weaknesses.