US Lacrosse Offers Level 1 Coaching Certification

US Lacrosse issued an announcement today by email that it is offering Local  Coaches Education Program with Level One training Saturday October 24 at St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower.  Separate clinics are provided for coaching boys’ lacrosse and for coaching girls’ lacrosse.  This is a national program that will be taught by a member of the US Lacrosse National CEP Staff.  The full text of the announcement with instructions for more information is provided below:

The growth of Women’s Lacrosse in Orange County has been huge over the past dozen years, largely carried to that success on the backs of so many very well meaning parents, teachers, and administrators who stepped up to coach in a void of trained coaches.  So many coaches I’ve worked with in that time had no real training toward coaching women’s lacrosse.  Many of us understood the basics of the game, but speaking from personal experience, had no idea how to teach the individual women’s skills for so many years, even while growing numbers of new kids showed up every season.  Who among us hasn’t struggled to teach the appropriate way to cradle with a woman’s lacrosse stick, or to assemble a creative, fun and skills-appropriate practice plan on any given day?………..or to understand and EXPLAIN the rules?

Ten years ago US Lacrosse initiated the Coaches Education Program with Level One training.  If memory serves me right, the last time this training was offered in Orange County was in that initial year, at Hewes Middle School.  Last year, a number of OC coaches seeking training drove up to Las Vegas to get certified at our clinic there.

This year, that program is again being offered LOCALLY
      Saturday October 24th
      St. John Bosco HS
      Bellflower, CA

The link below gives an overview of the training.  You WILL NOT learn how to play lacrosse.  You WILL LEARN how to be the coach that your kids deserve by being able to introduce, demonstrate, explain and attend to your kids toward helping them learn and grow the skills of the game.  You will also develop your ability  and explain coaching philosophy, how to present a creative and skills-appropriate practice plan EVERY DAY, and you will get an overview of the very important Positive Coaching Alliance philosophy and how to make this an integral part of the CULTURE of your organization’s lacrosse program.

Please have a look at the link and reach out to me if you have questions regarding anything related to the certification.  Also, please pass this along to assistant coaches, parents, administrators, Booster Club officers and others who can have a positive impact on the future growth of the sport.

In the link below, click on the red box which says “Level 1” to see the schedule including the 10/24 session in Bellflower and registration links.

Tom Messmer
US Lacrosse
National CEP Training Staff