Austin Lowi, Nick Mohler, Sam Torgove, Marty Shargel - 2017 LA Senior All-Star Game

The Greater Los Angeles Chapter of is organizing a Senior All-Star Game to wrap up the season and bid farewell to players from the Class of 2017. The game is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 27, at El Segundo HS. Admission is $5.

The North squad, coached by Mike Delabar of Thousand Oaks, consists primarily of players from the Marmonte League but also includes players from Oak Park, Sierra Canyon, Birmingham and Valley Academy. The South squad, coached by Brett Tietjen of Loyola, consists of players from the Bay League and Ocean League, along with Glendale, Palisades and Loyola.

The rosters still are somewhat tentative and still in flux, as many potential senior all-stars have graduated and begun their summers — plus it’s a three-day holiday weekend.

Below are the rosters as of Wednesday.

North Senior All-Star Game Roster

Coach: Mike Delabar, Thousand Oaks

, Oak Park
, Agoura (Onondaga CC)
Robbie McInerny, Newbury Park
, Sierra Canyon
, Newbury Park
Noah Gervasi, West Ranch

Zac Asbury, Thousand Oaks (Southwestern)
, Newbury Park (Arizona State)
Will Dutton, Thousand Oaks (Westminster)
, Newbury Park
Philip Bliss, Westlake
Grant Barclay, Westlake
Connor McCrossen, Thousand Oaks
Jack Greeley, Thousand Oaks
Brendan Wyrock, Birmingham

Sam Torgove, Oak Park
, Westlake

, Newbury Park
Drew Hugo, Sierra Canyon
, Oaks Christian
Zach Paul, Calabasas
Troy Koehn, Valley Academy

, Westlake (Delaware)
, Newbury Park

South Senior All-Star Game Roster

Coach: Brett Tietjen, Loyola

, Palos Verdes
, Palos Verdes (Jacksonville)
, El Segundo (Williams)
, Santa Monica
Albert Ruballos, Glendale

, Mira Costa
, Palos Verdes (Vermont)
Ryder Mora, Loyola (Maryland)
Mason O’Hanlon, Loyola (Babson)
Dom Trageser, Loyola
, El Segundo
, Mira Costa
Teo Domic, West Ranch (St. Joseph’s)
Kevin Perez, Glendale

Brandon Kay, Palisades
Matt Moyer, Hamilton

, Santa Monica
, Loyola (Washington College)
, Loyola (Boston University)
, Mira Costa
, Mira Costa
Matt Nagy, Palos Verdes

, Loyola (Tufts)
Michael Doud, Loyola
Shane Quesada, West Ranch


  1. no shade on west ranch goalie but pali/wr had pali winning 13-6 with both goalies having same amount of shots on goal…politics?…hmm…


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