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Interested in being a LaxCat? Head coach Derek Pedrick took some time out with MaxLax to tell us what it takes for prospects to get on his radar and what it takes it to be a University of Arizona LaxCat.  Coach Pedrick’s responses to University of Arizona FAQs are below.  You can contact Coach Pedrick and his staff at  for more information.

I want to play lacrosse at the University of Arizona. What is the best way to start the recruiting process?
Go to our website and fill out the recruit questionnaire. We will get back to you immediately. You can also directly email one of us coaches with questions. Always have film and references available.

What recruiting events does the coach typically attend?
We usually go to all of the West Coast events in CO and CA. We also try to get back to the east coast for a few camps over throughout the year. It varies year to year.

How often does your team practice and for how many hours (Fall & Spring)?
In the fall we practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 7 weeks. This year we started Sept 22nd and will be ending Nov 15th.   We practice from 4:00-6:00 p.m., and lift in groups on our non-practice days. In the spring we go 6 days a week depending on when our games are that week. We will practice 4-6 p.m. in the spring on weekdays and 9-11 a.m. on the weekends if there aren’t any games.

The 2014 University of Arizona LaxCats
The 2014 University of Arizona LaxCats

What about off the field conditioning?
We lift throughout the entire season along with conditioning drills and a lot of wall ball drills.

How many games do you play per year?
Any year we will play anywhere from 13-16 games a year in the regular season and whatever the playoffs entail.

Does your team travel out of town (Fall & Spring)?
Yes. We make one fall trip each year and multiple spring trips. Last year we went to California three times and flew to Utah. This year we will be going to California four times and Phoenix three times.

Any other commitments like fund raising or community service?
We do community service as a team and that varies each year. Usually we try to do 2-3 events a year. In terms of fundraising we do that as well.

Does the lacrosse coach have any influence on the admissions process?
We do not have any direct impact on the admissions process. We can put you in touch with the proper people to guide you through the process.

In general, what are the minimum academic standards at Arizona?
This varies but we are looking for solid hard working students who want to excel on and off the field here. You can look more in depth at our admissions standards on the schools website (

What are the three best things about playing lacrosse at U of A?

  1. Get to play very competitive lacrosse at a big time university
  2. You can still have a life outside of lacrosse and get a great education
  3. Its 80 degrees everyday for practice!!

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