Coach Tim Fox enters his second season as head coach at University of California Irvine with plans to continues to build the program and expand the schedule. Fox and his Anteaters are looking forward to 12 games this season with two OC games and some potential Division 1 matchups. Fox plans to add 3-5 new experienced players to the roster this season, with a handful of new players picking up the stick for the first time. They’ll be joining the 10+ returners for what hopes to be a competitive season for the Eaters. The 2015 Anteaters will highlight a more experienced group of players at offense and defense . Aside from the season, UCI is offering 4 Youth Lax Skills Clinics this year in SoCal for their community outreach and fundraising efforts, and are greatly looking forward to their annual Alumni Fall Ball Game. Read on to learn more about Coach Fox’s plans and the UCI program.

I want to play lacrosse at UC Irvine, what is the best way to start the recruiting process?
The best way to start the recruiting process is to contact a member of the Club Officer cabinet or the Coaching Staff about your interest. UCI is actively, each season, looking to expand its roster with experienced lacrosse players and welcome all who want to join the team.

What recruiting events does the coach typically attend?
The coach typically attends all open practices, recruiting days, and info meetings at UCI, and is able to travel locally to games/practices of H.S. students interested in attending and playing for UCI. Potential out-of-state recruits should contact one of the Club’s Officers or Coaches with interest, including video highlights if possible.

How often does your team practice and for how many hours (Fall and Spring)?
Throughout the year we hold 2 hour practices on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, 6 hours total each week. We encourage all our players to spend additional time on the field, or on the wall, continually fine tuning their skills.

What about off the field conditioning?
We expect players to commit to strength and conditioning training two days a week independent from practice. Strength tests throughout the season allow us to measure each player’s improvement.

How many games do you play per year?
We have played 8-10 games per season historically, but we now have an initiative to expand the program and this year we are aiming for 12 games, including Out-Of-Conference games, and even some D1 matchups. In upcoming seasons, UCI will continue expanding our schedule.

Does your team travel out of town (Fall and Spring)?
In recent years we have not traveled out of town, but we are a building the program each year and aim to do trips in future seasons. Traveling to NorCal, Arizona, and/or Nevada would be our first step.

Any other commitments like fund raising or community service?
We do a large amount community service and youth clinics. Giving back to the game is a big part of our team, and coaching local youth players is a great way to express our appreciation for lacrosse.

Does the lacrosse coach have any influence on the admissions process?
No he does not.

In general, what are the minimum academic standards at your school?
To attend UC Irvine you need at least a 3.9 GPA. Academics are a top priority.

What are the three best things about playing lacrosse at UC Irvine ?
The best aspects of playing lacrosse at UC Irvine is that we are not too time intensive, we are a group of friends, and we aim to keep you involved in your academics. Each season we accept experienced or brand new players onto our team to join the family to help continue the growth and success of the program, and respect the 25+ years of Eaters Lacrosse.

Contact information
Head Coach: Tim Fox(email: allseasonslax@yahoo.com)
Asst. Coach – Ian Larson
Club President – Kyle Maresco
>website: ucilax.yolasite.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/UCI-Mens-Lacrosse/107770265943387
twitter: @UCImlax