Trabuco Hills Girls Fall to Mission Viejo Diablos

prevented Trabuco Hills from stretching their South Coast League lead by taking a rematch, 12-11, at Trabuco Stadium.The Diablos came out with a more patient style of play from when they last met, a 10-8 Trabuco Hills win on March 25.

The Mustangs defense attempted to mark the Diablos attack aggressively, but fell behind to an early Diablo goal. Mustang scored to tie the game at 1-1 and the Mustangs increased their pace to match the Diablos.The Diablos came back with two more goals to make it 3-1. Mustang Madison Dumond worked the middle of the field winning 4 first half ground balls helping to get the Mustangs back in the game. Mustang Jackie Huse scored to bring the score within 1 goal. Another Diablo goal midway through the first half kept the Mustangs down by two goals. Tough Mustang defensive play from Rachel Gillett and halted the Diablo attack and got the ball back to the Mustang attackers. Mustang Jenelle Phillips fired off 3 goals in a row allowing the Mustangs to take the lead for the first time in the game. The lead changed hands again and the half closed with the Diablos up 7-6.

The second half started with another Phillips goal to tie the game at 7-7. The Mustangs changed tactics and Mustang Melanie Leong was able to win three draw controls. The Diablos still pressed forward with their passing attack and the lead changed hands.The Mustangs took the lead with 13:52 remaining on a Melanie Leong goal, but again the Diablos fired back. Down by two goals with time running out, the Mustangs surged back scoring again from Leong and Phillips. With 2:04 left in the game the score was tied 11-11. The Diablos won control from the draw and scored at the 50-second mark. The Mustangs were unable to regain the ball and lost their first league game of the season. Trabuco Hills (12-2) remains atop the league, though, with a 4-1 mark. Mission is 3-2 in league play.

Courtesy of Trabuco Hills Girls’ Lacrosse