The Week in Review

maxlax-shield.jpgThe polls should be very interesting Monday morning. No. 1 Foothill and No. 3 JSerra have laid some cards on the table by playing top flight competition from day one of the season, and backing it up with Ws. Both are ranked in the Top 5 for strength of schedule by No. 5 San Clemente is not far behind with a No. 10 SOS ranking.

Meanwhile, St. Margaret’s and CdM have taken a different approach. They are holding their cards closer to the chest. Their schedule strengths are ranked only 17th and 35th in terms of difficulty, with the best yet to come. How will voters respond to the JSerra- result and the early season SOS differential between the Top 4 teams?

No. 8 Beckman beat No. 7 Tesoro in a double OT instant classic on Saturday. Previously, No. 7 Tesoro beat No. 6 Santa Margarita who beat No. 8 Beckman. How will the voters sort out that quagmire?

Finally, Mater Dei, Aliso Niguel, and Yorba Linda keep on winning. Are they ready to move up? Let’s take a closer look.

No. 1. Foothill
Week Record: 2-0
Overall Record: 7-1 SOS Ranking: 2
Up next: Amador Valley on Thursday; Harvard-Westlake on Saturday
Synopsis: For the second weekend in a row, the Knights treated us to a Saturday matinee western style shootout. This time they came out on top, 17-16 over San Clemente. Combine that with a convincing 16-7 win over Santa Margarita, and it was a good week to be a Knight.

No. 2. St. Margaret’s
Week Record: 1-0
Overall Record: 5-0 SOS Ranking: 17
Up next: St. Ignatius on Thursday, Brophy Prep on Friday, and Redwood on Saturday (all games in Nor Cal)

Synoposis:The 20-1 drubbing of Marina did not tell us much about the Tartans that we did not already know. Next week’s games against St. Ignatius, Brophy Prep, and Redwood will be more revealing as the Tartans ramp up the strength of schedule.

No. 3 JSerra
Week Record: 3-0
Overall Record: 9-0 SOS Ranking: 5
Up next: at Servite on Tuesday; Mater Dei on Friday

Synoposis: OC, SD, LA. Does not matter. JSerra keeps on winning. They are ranked No. 9 in the west and only No. 3 in the OC??? Look for them to move up locally and maybe beyond.

No. 4 Corona del Mar
Week Record: 2-0
Overall Record: 6-0 SOS Ranking: 35
Up next: at Beckman on Friday

Synoposis: The Sea Kings are barely allowing 3 goals per game. No surprises in their comfortable-margin victories this week. Beckman’s double OT win over Tesoro today adds some interest to next week’s game.

No. 5 San Clemente
Week Record: 0-1
Overall Record: 5-2 SOS Ranking:10
Up next: Tesoro on Tuesday; El Toro on Thursday

Synoposis: Another tough one-goal weekend loss to a Top 5 Team. League play opens next week with Tesoro on Tuesday. Did someone say rivalry? The Titans (not to be confused with the Tritons) have won the last four match ups between the league rivals by a total differential of 5 goals. Despite two losses this season, the Tritons are showing they can run with the big dogs and will not be taken lightly come playoff time.

No. 6 Santa Margarita
Week Record: 1-1
Overall Record: 6-2 SOS Ranking:12
Up next: at Mater Dei on Tuesday, Servite on Thursday

Synoposis: The Eagles are right in the thick of the Nos. 6 through 9 traffic jam. Tuesday will be very interesting because Mater Dei (8-1) is coming up very quickly in the rear view mirror.

No. 7 Tesoro
Week Record: 2-1
Overall Record: 6-3 SOS Ranking:8
Up next: San Clemente on Tuesday; Trabuco Hills on Friday

Synoposis: Double OT loss to Beckman tells me one thing: it is getting really competitive out there. Slots 6-9 are up for grabs. Titans are thinking 5 though not 6 with San Clemente coming up on Tuesday.

No. 8 Beckman
Week Record: 2-0
Overall Record: 5-2 SOS Ranking:25
Up next: at Irvine on Monday; Sage Hill on Wednesday; CdM on Friday

Synoposis: The Patriots are rolling with a 5 game win streak, and the double OT win over Tesoro shows that they are a legit Top 10 team. The Beckman bigs against the CdM D will be an interesting matchup.

No. 9 Yorba Linda Week
Record: 3-0
Overall Record: 9-1 SOS Ranking:56
Up next: at Valencia on Wednesday

Synoposis: The Mustangs have a good showing after their Top 10 debut, going 3-0 with two wins over Sunset League competition.

No. 10 Great Oak
Week Record: 1-1
Overall Record: 6-2 SOS Ranking:22
Up next: Trabuco Hills on Tuesday, at on Friday

Synoposis: After scoring almost 60 goals in three games, the Wolf Pack slowed down a bit in a 10-8 loss to a talented Poway club that is ranked no. 9 in the San Diego CIF section by Laxpower. One of the more difficult teams to evaluate because we do not get to see as much of them as we’d like.

No. 11 Mater Dei
Week Record: 2-0
Overall Record: 8-1 SOS Ranking:52
Up next: at Santa Margarita on Tuesday; at JSerra on Friday

Synoposis: The Monarchs are on the verge of tripling last year’s win total. A convocation of Eagles (Google it) and a pride of Lions stand in the way. Good showings next week should move them up if last week’s good showing does not.

No. 12 Los Alamitos
Week Record: 1-1
Overall Record: 3-5 SOS Ranking:9
Up next: at Marina on Tuesday; Newport Harbor on Friday

Synoposis: The Griffins, who have struggled with a difficult schedule, blew off some steam against Edison. Los Al is undefeated in Sunset League play. Newport Harbor on Friday could be a good one.

No. 13 Aliso Nigue1
Week Record: 6-1
Overall Record: 2-0 SOS Ranking:61
Up next: at Esperanza Tuesday; at Dana Hills on Thursday

Synoposis: Make it 6 in a row for the Wolverines. They racked up 36 goals in two games against Laguna Hills and San Juan Hills. The low SOS ranking makes them difficult to size up.

No. 14 El Toro Week
Record: 0-2
Overall Record: 3-6 SOS Ranking:11
Up next: at Mission Viejo on Tuesday; at San Clemente on Thursday

Synoposis: The slumping Chargers, who have now lost five in a row, are another team that has struggled with a difficult schedule. They will look to snap their skid against Mission Viejo who has quietly compiled a nice 5-2 record before visiting San Clemente.

No. 15 Huntington Beach
Week Record: 1-2
Overall Record: 1-6 SOS Ranking:4
Up next: Newport Harbor on Wednesday; Marina on Friday

Synoposis: Speaking of teams struggling with difficult schedules, the Oilers finally get their first W. They will look to get into the Sunset League race with a couple wins this week.

No. 16 Edison
Week Record: 1-1
Overall Record: 4-2 SOS Ranking:55
Up next: El Dorado on Tuesday; Tustin on Friday

Synoposis: Los Al scuffed up Cinderella’s slippers. Their success so far has been a great story but this visit to the may be short lived.

No. 17 Marina
Week Record: 0-2
Overall Record: 4-5 SOS Ranking:46
Up next: Los Al on Tuesday; at Huntington Beach on Friday

Synoposis: Nobody expected them to beat St. Margaret’s. The Yorba Linda game went down to the wire. This week’s Sunset League games will have a lot to say about where Marina stacks up.

No. 18 Esperanza
Week Record: 4-4
Overall Record: 1-1 SOS Ranking:53
Up next: Aliso Niguel on Tuesday; Tustin on Thursday; Amador Valley on Saturday

Synoposis: Aliso Niguel brings an opportunity for the Aztecs to move closer to the Top 16 and playoff consideration.

No. 19 Dana Hills
Week Record: 1-1
Overall Record: 2-6 SOS Ranking:34
Up next:San Juan Hills on Wednesday; Aliso Niguel on Friday.

Synoposis: The Dolphins have lost 4 out of 5. Aliso Niguel brings Dana Hills an opportunity to improve their standing.

No. 20 Newport Harbor
Week Record: 2-6
Overall Record: 1-1 SOS Ranking:13
Up next: at Huntington Beach on Wednesday; at Los Al on Friday;

Synoposis: The Sailors have nothing but Sunset League play in front of them. A good showing combined with their SOS will have them looking very good for a playoff seeding