Tesoro Defense Holds Servite in Home Opener

LAS FLORES- The Titans took to their brand-new turf field on Saturday afternoon with
incredible teamwork on offense and defense. The game began with Servite coming out
of the gate fast with a lead of 2-0.

After some adjustments, Tesoro led at halftime 6-3. Tesoro’s goalie and captain, , held his own against a very athletic Servite offense with 16 saves.

“Awesome game for Jackson. His clearing passes were unmatched,” said varsity Head Coach .

The Friars were completely shutout in the second half by Tesoro’s Defense Unit. Impressive speed and teamwork by the poles which include (6 GB, 4 TOC), (4 GB, 2 TOC), senior captain, (4 GB, 1 TOC), (1 GB, 2 TOC), and .

The middies were quick coming in and off the field doing their part to keep the
Friars from getting close to the goal. Defense middies include (1 Assist 2
GBs, 1 TOC), , , , and

The Titans won 12-3 with incredible teamwork up and down the field. led with 4 goals. led with 3 assists, after coming off from last week’s record of 10 assists.

Earlier in the day, the Tesoro JV beat Servite 9-3 and is 2-0 into their season. The Titans continue with its competitive schedule and will host Corona Del Mar on Tuesday evening.

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