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Registration Now Open for Colorado Box Lacrosse League Presented by 3d Lacrosse

3d Lacrosse is proud to announce the fifth annual Colorado Box...

Dragons Win Two Midget Divisions in OC Box League

The Santa Monica Dragons won both the Gold and Silver championships of the Midget Division -- high school freshmen and sophomores -- in the Orange County Box Lacrosse League.
Trident Blue, LA Box League 2017

Trident Blue Claims 7/8 Title in LA Box League

Trident Blue capped an impressive playoff run Sunday by defeating two...
LA Cobras Varsity LA Box League champs

LA Cobras Win Varsity, JV Titles in LA Box League

The L.A. Cobras, made up largely of players from Loyola HS,...
OC Crush, 2017 Orange County Box Lacrosse League Varsity Champs

OC Crush 3Peats in OCBLL Varsity Division

OC Crush defeated the Rebels to claim a third straight OCBLL Varsity box championship.
LA Box Lacrosse League

LA Box Lacrosse League Rolls On in Seventh Season

The seventh season of the LA Box Lacrosse League is under...
Davonte Curtis, Black Horse

Davonte Curtis is the Athletes Choice Workhorse of the Week

Ten-year-old Davonte Curtis is a5th grader who plays up as a starting forward on the 7th/8th grade Blackhorse box lacrosse team.
Orange County Box Lacrosse League

DU’s Matt Brown Kicks Off OC Box Lacrosse Season

Brown and the OCBLL coaches share a common goal of fueling the growth of box lacrosse in the United States. The smaller playing surface of box lacrosse develops unique skills and sharper ball movement that Canadian-born players have used to dominate NCAA lacrosse in recent years
Temecula Valley Boys Lacrosse

Things to Know: Temecula Valley Boys Lacrosse

One of the best-kept secrets in the local lacrosse community has...

Why Box Lacrosse Matters

The Fall 2016 box lacrosse season is about to begin at...

Box is Back!

3d’s San Diego Box League is back for the fourth consecutive...
LA Cobras Varsity

Four Clubs Take Home Titles in LA Box Lacrosse Finals

The LA Cobras claimed their second consecutive title in the varsity...