Standouts from West Coast Warriors Tryout

First try out for the new West Coast Warriors national level travel team was Sunday and I had the chance to catch it start to finish.   Very well run and well coached.  Coaching was very high quality and all coach’s there win year in and year out.  

Some club coaches can recruit to win in club but don’t win as high school coaches, these were all guys that run very successful high school programs. That’s the sign of a good coach.   

Locally Coach Jon Fox of Foothill and Coach Jimmy Borell of Loyola I have to believe have most the wins of any coaches  in their counties in history of SoCal lax.  That says a lot.  Coach Max Schmidt  came in from Faith Lutheran in Vegas, the Maryland grad has a very good program out there.

Coach Sean Lindsey of Agoura Hills was on hand, he has developed some really nice offensive players up there, fun to talk central NY lax with him.   Jeremy Seiverts is now the head coach at Oaks Christian in LA.  OC fans might remember him as the offensive coordinator at CDM a few years back when they ran off 35 straight wins over 2 seasons. I wonder who the D co was then? Also on hand was big Romar Dennis of the PLL. Just a well-coached event and well run, fun day.

Now let’s see some players to watch going forward.  

First session was the younger group.  2024-25.  On the offensive end Bodie Jellerson was very good. Super quick kid, plays very hard and like most Foothill players he shoots the ball very well, was impressive all day.   

Blake Wozniak from Garden Grove was very good all day.  He’s at Marina High and has excellent hands.  Multiple goals as lefty attackman and he had some really nice feeds.  Looks the part and played hard all day long, finished strong after 3 hours, did his thing for sure, nice player.  

Jojo Samluck is a two-way middie type who both dee’d up and scored.  In the 2 vs 1 ground ball drill he won half as the 1 guy vs 2.  In the same drill he had an excellent assist and three goals.  On defense they walked him behind to make him play D and he wasn’t dodged, and the St Margaret’s 2024 tacked on a nice catch and shoot goal from 10 yards in the scrimmage.  Kid runs great.   

JoJo Samluk (no. 6) impressed as a two-way middie.

Kenny Russo from Loyola High is another two-way type middie that did it all.  He can score, was really good on ground balls and can D up.  In a meaningless game he turned and asked the score, that’s a competitor, fun to watch.  

On defense Kaiden Suh was very active and very athletic.  He stood out as one to watch in the coming years.  Played very hard all day and made lots of plays. Impressive is the word.   He’s a 2024 at Palos Verdes High.  

On offensive end Dillon Arcemont was impressive as well, didn’t get any stats but will next time around.  

Copeland is from Foothill, another shocker.  Like many FH kid he’s excellent re dodger and shoots the ball great. Quick little dude was fun to watch, his game is nice, very good player.  Stand out.  

On the defensive end Loyola 2022 close defender Jack Shoemaker was best on ball defense I saw.  Yoked and aggressive it’s very obvious he enjoys the game. Made a bunch of plays over the course of the day. One to watch.  

Zach Harden, 2023 from Foothill, had plenty of ground balls and looks like he’s been hitting the weight room hard.  

Ethan Tunucci came in from AZ from Boarder Creek and his game is nice.  Super quick, tough to cover and really good hands.  He kinda crept up all day and when the sun went down he went off the last half hour.  Fun to watch. Had a bunch of goals and assistants.  

LSM Jake Tom of Loyola had nice give and go for a goal, he can stick his open shots no doubt.  

Eli Russ, a 2022 from Agoura Hills player was impressive at attack. Really good instincts; he gets the game.  

Was great to be out there and thanks to all the coaches for letting Maxlax observe from a distance for the day.   Fun lacrosse day with plenty of good play.

Devin Arkison
Devin Arkison is the owner of LockDownD, which specializes in defense training and recruiting consulting. He was a 3x All American at Hobart.