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If you want to play lacrosse in college, you need to know where you stand—as an athlete and a student.

That’s why an evaluation from is so valuable. Your club and camp coaches may provide feedback on your athletic skills, but only Counting Stars evaluates you from a college perspective. In addition to physical performance, we assess your mindset and academics to create the most personalized report possible, including a list of colleges where we think you’ll thrive.

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Our lacrosse evaluations will be held on June 9th (for men) and June 10th (for women) at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

We’ll have multiple evaluators on hand, led by our lacrosse directors — two-time All-American and two-time world champion with — and — three-time All-American and two-time All-Star.

A Counting Stars one-day evaluation includes: 1) an athletic mindset assessment and personalized recommended training program from the company used by hundreds of professional and college teams, 2) physical testing using stat-of-the-art laser equipment used at all professional combines and in numerous college programs, 3) technical (skills) testing using the same tests many colleges and national team programs use, and 4) tactical (game-playing) evaluations by multiple, high quality evaluators selected by Brendan and Holly.

We’re taking sign-ups for our June 9 and 10 until June 1, but slots are limited so we encourage you to sign-up today. See you in the OC!