Sieverts, Harrison Named MLL All Stars

Corona del Mar High School coach Jeremy Sieverts (pictured above left) and JSerra Catholic High School coach Kyle Harrison (pictured above right) were selected to play in the 2015 MLL All Star game inn Houston, TX.  The MLL press release regarding the All Star selections is presented below.  For a recap of the game visit,

HOUSTON (6/12/15) – This season’s “MLL Ultimate Fan” winners, Hayden MacArthur and Ethan Sorkin, participated in a playground style draft earlier today (Friday night), which will determined both the team names and the opposing roster for Saturday’s MLL All-Star Game. Just before the draft the Ultimate Fans revealed that they wanted to both name the teams after their hometown high school mascots of Coppell, TX (Cowboys) and Alpharetta, GA (Gladiators).

MLL Gladiators

Colors: White, blue and red
Coach: Tim Soudan
Asst. Coach: Ben Hunt
Ultimate Fan: Ethan Sorkin


Casey Powell
Jeremy Boltus
Marcus Holman
Will Manny


Matt Abbott
Kyle Harrison
Jordan MacIntosh
Tom Schreiber
Justin Pennington
Brent Adams


Anthony Kelly
Craig Bunker


Joe Fletcher
Joel White
Scott Ratliff
Brian Karalunas
Chad Wiedmaier


Tyler Fiorito
John Galloway

MLL Cowboys

Colors: Navy blue and khaki camo
Coach: BJ O’Hara
Asst. Coach: Matt Mackrides
Honorary Captain: Hayden MacArthur


Kieran McArdle
Rob Pannell
Joey Sankey
Jordan Wolf


Peter Baum
Drew Snider
Jeremy Sieverts
John Haus
Max Seibald
JoJo Marasco


Greg Gurenlian
Brendan Fowler


Ryan Flanagan
Kyle Hartzell
Mitch Belisle
Mike Evans
Jesse Bernhardt


Drew Adams
Jesse Schwartzman


Source: MLL All-Star Rosters Selected in Fan Draft – Lacrosse Magazine