Shootout for Soldiers

Organizers of Shootout For Soldiers, traveling from Colorado’s event over the weekend to Southern California for this weekend’s eighth and final 24-hour lacrosse fundraiser at Dan Hills HS, watched helplessly as their RV caught fire and burned to the ground alongside the highway outside Salina, Utah.

“We all lost everything, from our laptops and cameras to our bags of clothes and toiletries,” Tyler Steinhardt wrote on a crowd-funding page the crew quickly put together. “In less than five minutes,’Ol’ Faithful’ was burned to a crisp with just ashy remnants. We are lucky to be alive.”

By 5 p.m. PT Tuesday, the funding page had topped $20,000 in donations, a testament both to the generosity of the lacrosse community and the appreciation that community has for the work Shootout For Soldiers does.

If you can manage a donation, here again is the link: Shootout For Soldiers Needs A Little Help.



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