San Marcos Can’t Keep Up With Valencia

Santa Barbara, CA – The San Marcos Royals scored the first two goals of Tuesday’s game against Valencia but all Vikings after that. The Vikings scored the next eight goals to carry an 8-2 lead into halftime and piled on 11 more goals in the second half to claim the 19-4 victory.

The Vikings played the game fast and while San Marcos kept up in the midfield it was a constant onslaught of Valencia offense that had the Royals on their heels.  San Marcos won the first draw of the second half and turned the ball over to Valencia almost immediately.  Attacker Kathleen Bambrick of Valencia got her only goal of the game in a fast break response and then the Vikings scored three more to take a 12-2 lead and put the game out of reach.

San Marcos sophomore defender Sofia Martinez-Tomatis played relentless defense throughout the game and held the dangerous Bambrick to just one goal in the game.  Valencia senior Katherine Lin was definitely not scoreless.  The midfielder had 6 goals to lead in goal scoring while teammate Jayden Yamasaki had 4 goals and 2 assists to match her in points.

“We are just about as athletic but Valencia moved the ball better and moved without the ball better and we were too often a step behind their play,” San Marcos coach Paul Ramsey said after the game. 

“So many times I was thinking we were almost there but we are not used to needing to be all the way there as urgently as required against a team like them,” add Ramsey.

Senior Aubrey Sturgeon led San Marcos with two goals and junior goalie Shana Friedenberg had ten saves.  Valencia improved to 2-0 while the Royals dropped to 1-1.  San Marcos plays next when they host Santa Barbara in an unusually early scheduled Channel League game.  The league game comes in week two of the season.  Game time is 3:00 pm at San Marcos.