San Diego Elite Team Wins Adrenaline Shootout

The Summer installment of the Adrenaline Shootout turned out to be everything it was cracked up to be. Teams from all across the Western United States gathered to play in Del Mar over the weekend, with states like Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado well represented. A swarm of California teams from Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego also made appearances and fought to win the U-11, U-13, U-15, High School and Elite divisions. 

Energy across all the fields was high for the duration of the tournament. Players and parents alike enjoyed the perfect weather and the friendly competition. 

In the Elite division championship, RC Elite Silver squared off against LaxDawgs Elite Brown in a game that featured many of San Diego’s premier high school lacrosse players on the same field. With players committed to Division I programs such as Marquette, Boston University, Delaware and Maryland, it was clear that this was the best collection of talent in the tournament. RC Elite Silver came out on top after exploding on the offensive side of the field and putting on a dominating performance to win the title of the best team in the tournament. Players such as Morrison Mirer (Cathedral), Isaiah Dawson (Bishops), Beau Botkiss (Torrey Pines) and Alderik van der Heyde (Pacific Ridge) played quality lacrosse and showcased their talent for RC Elite Silver. Brothers Nick and Anthony Demaio (Coronado), Nate McPeak (Eastlake), Shane Modlin (Rancho Bernardo), Tanner Watson (La Jolla) and many others showed what they could do for LaxDawgs Elite Brown.

After the game, I caught up with the young standout Isaiah Dawson (pictured above, C/O 2018) to pick his brain about his place in San Diego lacrosse after making serious waves in San Diego as a Freshman at The Bishop’s School this past spring.

Mikey Diggs: How do you like being recognized as one of the young guys [in San Diego] that’s standing out right now?
Isaiah Dawson: 
It’s really gratifying. It’s definitely something to look back on – the reason why I put all the hard work in is to get better. Once you realize that you are getting better, it’s a really satisfying thing. It’s kind of this chain reaction that keeps on going, and recognition comes along with that. It’s good, I really like it.

MD: You’re obviously one of the youngest players on the team. How does it feel to have the kind of respect and talent to not only make this team, but be a contributor?
Being young, I think the first time I played [on Friday] morning I was a little tentative, but it was one of those things [about] never being nervous and knowing why you’re out there, and knowing that I’m the youngest guy on the team for a reason, and just remembering that as I go through everything. Remembering what I’m capable of is the biggest thing. I feel like as long as I don’t doubt myself, I can do a lot of things.

MD: How are your relationships with the guys on the team, knowing that you play against some of them during the regular season?
I definitely have a lot of respect for those guys, we always have a great time when we get together. In the spring, we battle it out. Once the whistle blows and we’re playing, we’re enemies, and then after that we’re friends again, so that’s always a good thing. My first year in high school, meeting all these guys was a cool experience, It’s really fun playing with them all the time. The camaraderie that comes with us –  knowing that we go to our respective teams in the spring, do our own thing, and come back saying “this is the team for the summer” – is great. 

MD: What’s your take on the state of lacrosse in San Diego as far as growth and talent?
It’s definitely growing really fast, and I feel like I came in at the perfect time to be a part of it. I’m really happy that I joined [the lacrosse movement] because I didn’t even want to play, I was actually forced to play.
MD: Really?
ID: Yeah. But after my first practice, I loved it. My dad always tells me about that. I just think about where I would be if it wasn’t for lacrosse at this point. I never would have found lacrosse if the sport wasn’t growing in San Diego, so that’s a big thing. I’m glad to be a part of it.
MD: What sports were you playing before?
Football, basketball, a little bit of track – I was doing everything, and then I just stopped once I found lacrosse.