Round 2 Preview: St. Margaret’s vs Newport Harbor

Expect these teams to come out fired up. No doubt. This game features some old neighbors from Baltimore coaching out there. is from Cockeyville and the Naval Academy and from Baltimore and State. Throw in St. Margaret’s coach of , add a few crabs and you’ll feel like you’re in Ocean City MD. It will be like old home week Thursday night.

Neither team waltzed into the second round.  The Tartans defeated Beckman 13-9 on Tuesday but that game was tied well into the third quarter.  Harbor needed an overtime goal from to get past Santiago. Both teams will be fired up for this one.

Expect Farmer to be focal point again tonight. Feed, shoot, dodge. He can play. will help Farmer pressure the St. Margaret’s defense. Goltz is a nasty down hill dodger. He’ll go right at anyone.

The Newport Harbor defense plays tough pressure. They’ll try and rattle the Tartan into turn overs. Junior Henry Elliott has been good at close and LSM. Garrett Rovazinni was very good Tuesday as he has been all season. He will need to be on against the Tartans’ shooters.

St. Margaret’s will counter by trying to dominate possession and to keep the ball away from Farmer and Goltz and give their deep array of scorers beaucoup opportunities.  FOGO has been excellent for the Tartans, it’s not unusual for his win percentage to be in the 90s. If he’s on, the Tartans are tough to beat.

The vaunted Tartans offense has been getting plenty of press this season, let’s dedicate some ink to their defense.

Goalie and friends are only giving up on 7 goals per game. If Handy is sitting on a big game, watch out. But before you get to Handy though, you have to get through a very solid defense group of poles.

is great athlete at close and has had an excellent year. is another pole who has excelled – he had his break out year. Moves great at 6’2, he’ll be big. And can match up vs any style attackman. ? It’s a given he’ll bring it tomorrow, as he he always does. And Will Reinkesmeyer is gonna to play in his final run as a senior, he’ll go to MIT next year!

I’m gonna skip the O’s game and get a Baltimore style lax fix in OC…. This should be a good one!