Power- Slam Harder with This Training Tip from VSP

Correct running form will automatically get you faster, and it takes focus and hard work to master. But what happens after your form is perfect? How do you get faster then? It’s simple,

FORCE PRODUCTION! Great Running form + Powerful Force Production = one EXPLOSIVE athlete.

At Victory Sports Performance, we are on a non-stop journey to perfect our athletes’ running form. With form comes forceful function, we will emphatically emphasize slamming feet into the ground like you’re killing that spider about to crawl up on you!

There are many ways to increase Force Production and Power! Take a test run with us to learn more, sign up for a free trial now, click here. Together, we’ll unleash your potential!

Victory Sports Performance
Middle School athlete working on his running form and powerful force production at the Victory Athletic Center.

Exercise: A-MARCH with a Vertical Leap. Pausing at the top of the A-March, on the go, the athlete will slam their foot hard into the ground so their body is projected upward into the air.