SDSU 2017 Fall-Ball

MaxLax caught up with San Diego State lacrosse coach to discuss the Aztecs’ program in the latest episode of our podcast series.


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Show Notes

MaxLax caught up with San Diego State coach Jesse Foss to discuss the Aztecs’ lacrosse program, the commitment required to play MCLA lacrosse and how Foss and his staff identify potential student-athletes and recruit for a club program.

Foss, a Long Island native, is entering his second season as SDSU coach after spending 14 seasons at La Costa Canyon, the last six as head coach. In the interview, he emphasizes the support the university provides to the lacrosse program in the way of funding and facilities, as well as providing a rundown on an average week in the life of an SDSU lacrosse player. Finally, he zeroes in on what he and his staff are looking for in a potential student-athlete.

San Diego State is a Division I MCLA club that competes in the South Division of the . Last season, the Aztecs finished 7-7 overall, 0-4 in SLC South Division games. SDSU was 4-1 against teams from the SLC North.

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San Diego State Fast Facts

  • Total enrollment: 35,000 (30,000 undergraduate)
  • Programs: Nearly 160 undergraduate majors and minors; 16 preprofessional programs; nearly 100 graduate degrees and credentials.
  • Admitted Student Profile (Fall 2016 freshmen): Average high school GPA, 3.85; Average SAT score, 1,174; Average ACT score, 27.
  • Student Life and Activities: 350-plus student organizations; 50-plus fraternities and sororities; 18 NCAA Division I athletics teams; 335 study abroad programs.

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  1. Jim thanks for supporting MCLA lacrosse. Amongst the top echelons of MCLA the quality of play is very high level. Can’t speak for other local kids, but for my son, who plays at UCSB, he is really enjoying his college experience on AND off the field!

    • Absolutely, Doug. That’s what we’re hoping to highlight — kids don’t necessarily have to go back east to have a memorable college lacrosse experience.


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