If the Boys’ Lacrosse Playoffs Began Today

The Playoff Selection Committee cast preliminary ballots this week to rank the Top 20 teams.  We combined these preliminary results with this week’s US Lacrosse\Coaches’ Poll to get an idea of what the playoff seedings would look like if the playoffs were to begin today (Read this article for more information on the boys’ lacrosse selection and seeding process).  Actual seedings will not be determined until the committee and the coaches repeat the process for real on May 1.

The coaches and the committee agreed on which 16 teams will participate in the playoffs and the order of the Top 8. There were some differences of opinion in the order to seed the lower eight. You can look at the polls points and committee points columns if you want to investigate.

A few things to keep in mind before looking at the results.

  1. This is preliminary. Nothing is final until next week.
  2. Each of the seven league champions receives an automatic bid, regardless of ranking.  The Century League does not have any teams ranked in the Top 16.  Based on today’s results (and probably next week’s as well) the Century League Champion will get the no. 16 seed;
  3. The Century League is not settled yet.  This is important because if El Dorado beats Yorba Linda by two goals or more on Friday El Dorado will represent the Century League in the playoffs.  El Dorado is not ranked in the Top 20;
  4. The Pacific Coast League race is not settled.  Northwood, who is not ranked in the Top 20, has an opportunity to tie Beckman for first place (still looking into the PCL tie-break procedures) by beating Beckman next week.  If Northwood wins the PCL then they would get an automatic bid and Beckman would get an at-large bid.  If this were to happen, then the no. 15 team (currently Dana Hills) would be displaced.

If the playoffs were to start today, the seedings would look like this:
[gdoc key=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lzC6sm2NNk0Mr_xMPq7760WwBJI3qc1htMUeiXo4D8I/edit#gid=1555357607″ use_cache=”no” datatables_paging = “false” http_opts='{}’]