Pac 12 Shootout Viewers Guide

Once again UCLA is hosting the  Pac-12 Lacrosse Shootout. While the east coast continues to reschedule lacrosse games to evade the snow, the 10 teams participating in this weekend’s Pac-12 Shootout have no such problems.

The eight year old event has become a tradition that announces the start of the season, and brings together 10 of the Pac-12 teams in Westwood. Each team plays one game on Saturday and again on Sunday.   The weather is great, the OC is well represented, the competition is fierce, and the admission is  free.  If in spite of all that you, still cannot make it out to watch some great college lacrosse, then you can catch live stream broadcasts with play by play from on the Cronkite Sports Network.

Following is  the schedule for the weekend’s games.  Links are provided for the  live stream broadcasts.

Saturday, Feb. 14
9:30 a.m. — USC vs. Washington (North Athletic Field)
12:00 p.m. — California vs. Arizona State (NAF)
1:30 p.m. — UCLA vs. Stanford (Drake Stadium)
2:30 p.m. — Oregon vs. Arizona (NAF)
4:00 p.m. — Oregon State vs. (Drake)

Sunday, Feb. 15
9:30 a.m. — California vs. (NAF)
10:00 a.m. — Stanford vs. Arizona State (DRAKE)
12:00 p.m. — vs. Washington (NAF)
12:30 p.m. — Arizona vs. Oregon State (DRAKE)
2:30 p.m. — UCLA vs. Oregon (NAF)