Brandon Suchand v Dylan Garner

Orange County was well represented on the 2017 Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Division 1 All-American Teams.  Three First-Team All-Americans played their high school ball for OC program including Woodbridge alum Max Neser (BYU), Foothill alum (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo),  and Great Oak alum (Colorado State).  Chapman’s also earned First Team AA honors.

The 2017 MCLA Division 1 All-Americans are listed below. All Americans with local connections are highlighted in bold text

2017 MCLA Division I All-Americans

First Team
A – Joe Balestieri, Grand Canyon
A – Dylan Garner, Chapman
A – Max McKone, California
A – Cam Wengreniuk, Grand Canyon
A – Brian Connolly, Georgia Tech
M – Jake Gonzales, Colorado
M – Colin MacIlvennie, Colorado
M – Danny Riley, Virginia Tech
M – Holland Frost, Georgia Tech
LSM – Max Neser,
FOS – Ryan Chamberlain, Colorado State
SSDM – Jordan Vicente, Grand Canyon
D – Gideon Baum, Cal Poly
D – Will Byars, Georgia Tech
D – Harrison Wardle, Brigham Young
D – Alec Gieser, Colorado State
D – Patrick Donovan, Michigan State
G – Sean Pihl, Cal Poly

Second Team
A – A.J. Guralas, Cal Poly
A – Ben Wharton, Colorado
A – Harry Waddoups, Brigham Young
A – Caleb Britton, Liberty
M – , Arizona State
M – Tucker Schwarz, Florida State
M – J.P. Josi, California
M – , Chapman
M – Blake Day, UNLV
LSM – Jack Lamey, Grand Canyon
FOS – Griffin Carney, Boston College
SSDM – Sam Uecker, Michigan State
SSDM – Michael Seaman, Colorado State
D – Penn Lukens, Colorado
D – Nathan Blair, Arizona State
D – Neil Lunsford, California
D – Craig Burris, Virginia Tech
G – Bryan Cooper, Virginia Tech
G – Alex Larson, Grand Canyon

Third Team
A – Cade Bailey, Oregon
A – Quinton Eissler, UNLV
A – John Corbolotti, Cal Poly
A – Steve Van Fossan, Boston College
M – Chris Severson, Brigham Young
M – Austin Ekeroth, Grand Canyon
M – Mitch Stickney, Cal Poly
M – Taylor Maniatty, New Hampshire
LSM – Alex Erler, Cal Poly
LSM – Chris Bush, Georgia Tech
FOS – Trevor Driscoll, Arizona State
FOS – , California
SSDM – Jay Snell, Colorado
D – Ryan Neff, Boston College
D – Luo Sugo, Cal Poly
D – Matt Peter, Oregon
D – Boston Handley, Brigham Young
G – Mason Moon, Brigham Young

Honorable Mention
A – Brian Larocque, Davenport
A – Amar Batra, Minnesota
A – Bennett Osterink, Michigan State
A – Josh Stout, Utah
A – , Chapman
A – Davis Goodman, Florida State
A – , Arizona State
A – Nick Schultz, Southern Methodist
A – Sam Gregory, Liberty
A – Tim Peterson, Georgia Tech
A – Noah Starr, Texas
M – Devon Benson, Davenport
M – Trenton Woodcock, Minnesota
M – Spencer Rotenberg, Oregon State
M – Eric Lee, Stanford
M – Tom Garrott, Southern Methodist
M – Jake Stout, Utah
M – Ashton Monheiser, Colorado State
M – Connor Bernal, Brigham Young
M – Bryce Green, Texas A&M
LSM – Dylan Davidson, UNLV
LSM – John Sage, Colorado State
FOS – Jannsen Levin, Oregon State
FOS – Nik Damberg, Minnesota
FOS – Vitalie Broderick, Colorado
SSDM – Troy Brown, Cal Poly
SSDM – Zac Mathien, Arizona State
SSDM – Mickey Schaefer, Oregon State
SSDM – Brett Wood, Liberty
SSDM – Zach Gutowski, Indiana
D – , Grand Canyon
D – Kipp Planchard, Chapman
D – Andrew Clay, Michigan State
D – Jack Delaney, Indiana
D – Nick Fix, Minnesota
D – Colin McMahon, San Diego State
D – Mackenzie Terrio, Simon Fraser
G – Bert Schmickel, California
G – Johnny Perlite, Arizona State
G – Jeremy Lashar, Simon Fraser
G – Drew Duarte, Connecticut
G – Jensen Makarov, Colorado
G – Peter Brydon, UC Santa Barbara


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