Orange County Umpire Board Seeks Assignor For Girls Lacrosse Games

Job Summary: Responsible for the coordination of umpire assignments for High School or Tournaments/Youth level games, within the jurisdiction of the Orange County Women’s Lacrosse Umpire Board. This is a non-board paid position that reports to the Orange County Umpire Board Executive Committee.

Job Requirements:
Assign USL current-rated umpires to lacrosse games in Orange and Inland Empire counties.
Utilize web-based assignment program to manage the pool of available umpires including availability, profiles, and post-game reports.  Communicate with the OCUB Executive Committee regarding umpire scheduling issues.

Professional Skills:

  • Strong communication & interpersonal skills; strong ability to remain calm and balanced in stressful conversation.
  • Excellent conflict resolution skills
  • Must have PC with connectivity to internet. (Internet connection or computer hardware reimbursement not available).

Job Specifications and Best Practices:

  • Manage an umpire assignment program that is responsive and accountable to OC Board members
  • Work in close communication with Board Chair and Vice Chair.
  • Work with Rating and Training Coordinator to coordinate training dates and rating opportunities.
  • Assign games fairly and evenly throughout the umpire roster, and appropriately-rated umpires to match expected level of play. Avoid same refs on same schools; encourage mix; apprentice umpires should not be partnered together.
  • Report problem behavior by coaches, players, or spectators to Board Chair, or Vice Chair if conflict.
  • Report issues regarding individual umpires to Board Chair, or Vice Chair if conflict.
  • In general, advocate on behalf of umpire community to coaches, athletic directors, and league officials.
  • Report to, and work with, the Board Chair (or Vice Chair if conflict), if coach or school expresses concern over an official’s performance. Maintain confidentiality on these matters.
  • Promptly respond to all communication, if requested, within 24 hours. (Emails, phones, texts, etc.).
  • Direct rule questions to the OCUB Ratings and Training Coordinator.
  • Maintain accurate records regarding umpire assignment throughout the season. Maintain confidentiality on assignments.
  • Manage umpire pool for tournaments as requested.
  • Make assignments a minimum of 2 weeks prior to game date.
  • Ensure entry of all games in Arbiter no later than two weeks prior to season start.
  • RE-assign officials to rescheduled or added games prior to two weeks from game date, whenever possible.
  • Remind Coaches and AD’s of the pre-season notification to them of the assignment policy and time constraints.
  • Upon approval from Board Chair or Vice Chair on a case-by-case basis, and upon availability, work with teams to reschedule proposed game times when there are not appropriately-rated officials available. Seven days advance notice to the appropriately-rated official(s).
  • Support out-of-area assignments, both into OC games and for OC umpires in out-of- area games.
  • Work with the High School/Youth Assignor to encourage alignment in procedures and Arbiter practices.
  • Arrange approved substitute assignor for known vacation absences.
  • Communicate and foster authentic sense of commitment around game assignment, timely acceptance, availability, field presence, proper communicating with others (coaches, AD’s, umpires, assignor, etc.).
  • Clearly indicate proper expectations of umpires to them.
  • Alert Exec Committee of exceptions as needed.
  • Perform in compliance with US Lacrosse Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest policy

High School: $3 per official for regular league season ($5 for varsity/jv combination)
Fee for other season/league/tournament TBD case-by-case; Middle School/Youth: $5 per game