Dear MaxLax friends,

First, thank you for your support. All of you, and this great sport of lacrosse, are why we do what we do, and we hope to continue doing it for many years to come. To do that, though, we need to make a change.

Beginning this month, MaxLax will be a subscription-supported site. Some content will remain available to all visitors, free of charge, but we will be asking you, the lacrosse community, for a nominal subscription fee of $2.99 per month to retain unlimited access to the lacrosse news and information that, frankly, no other source in Southern California provides.

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MaxLax started in 2012, when a couple of Orange County lacrosse dads decided to stop complaining about the lack of lacrosse coverage in the local paper and actually do something about it, launching That same year, a lax dad from Los Angeles had the same thought, and he started a site he called Southland Lax. Three years later, the lax dads joined forces, and MaxLaxLA and MaxLaxSD were born.

Thanks to support from you — the players, coaches, parents, club directors and fans — it has worked. As the sport exploded in Southern California, so did fan interest and stories to cover, and so did our site. MaxLax has grown by leaps and bounds. We take great pride in knowing that lacrosse fans have spent 10,000 hours enjoying our multi-media lacrosse coverage this year.

Each year we work to improve and expand our coverage, which now includes boys and girls lacrosse from San Diego to Santa Barbara. All of that growth, though, has stretched us pretty thin. What started as a hobby — a labor of love, a passion project — quickly became nearly a full-time job. As a result, we began viewing our hobby as more of a business. To that end, we are making this change to generate the revenue that will allow us to add staff and contributors and keep up with the demand.

We can’t begin to express how gratifying it is to have reached this point. We hope you will continue to support us in this transition, and if MaxLax adds 10 cents worth of enjoyment to your day, please subscribe, so we can keep the lax news flowing.

We look forward to many more years of providing Southern California lacrosse fans our unique brand of local lacrosse news.

Thank you.

Scott Parsons
Jim Loftus


  1. Where do you sign up for a subscription? I am unable to locate anything on the site? Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Sounds reasonable. We haven’t nailed down those details yet, but we’ll let you know. Thanks for reading and asking.

  2. Coaches, suggest asking your player’s parents to purchase the subscription for you. This is a very small accomidation to help both coaching staffs and MaxLax.


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