OC Kings Kick Off Del Mar Tourney Victoriously

kings_b_hOC Kings Elite Purple held steadfast to defeat Utah’s Blackhawk Lacrosse who beat them out at the LXM|ATS Vegas tournament earlier this year.

A line of coaches scout for the next big talent to come out of the OC

Day 1 of the Adrenaline Challenge in Del Mar, Calif., saw a rematch of a heated game at the last big Adrenaline tournament in Las Vegas. The Kings, who are coached by Adam Guy (Santa Margarita Catholic) and assistant Ryan Sanders, had the most collegiate coaches at their game than any other elite game all day. This speaks volumes for the way Orange County is viewed among coaches who are looking to bolster their teams for next season.

Head coach Adam Guy makes halftime adjustments

The Kings jumped out to an early lead 3-1 and seemed to have control with Utah’s one goal being an unimpressive one. They kept that lead going into the half but faced a grittier opponent in the second half.


Possibly because of Utah’s stamina being helped by going from altitude to possibly below sea level in the basin of Del Mar, Utah seemed to put an unexpected amount of pressure in the second half. After going goal for goal and Utah’s third being off a seeming lazy attempt to get in the hole off the face, Kings goalie Hoyt Crance (Corona del Mar HS) came up with a huge save off another LSM that broke through the middle of the King’s defense that would have undoubtedly given the Blackhawks the momentum.

Logan Olmsted (JSerra Catholic) leaves a Blackhawks middie fooled

Mitch Kingsley (JSerra Catholic) shakes the entire D to make his own shot. Note the player on his back

Two man-up situations for both sides resulted in no goals as the Kings then successfully drained the clock to win 5-3.










Check back tomorrow evening for coverage across all divisions from the Adrenaline Challenge in Del Mar!

–MaxLaxOC.com staff report