O.C. Boys Lacrosse Playoff Selection and Seedings Procedures

Orange County Chapter of US Lacrosse
Procedures for Selection and Seeding for Boys HS Championship

Until Lacrosse becomes a playoff sanctioned CIF playoff sport, the Orange County Chapter of US Lacrosse (“OC Chapter”) in partnership with the Greater LA Chapter of US Lacrosse (“LA Chapter”) will hold an end of season tournament to determine a CIF-SS area champion. The playoff will be broken into two brackets OC and LA. The OC Chapter is responsible to select the Orange County/Inland Empire representative for the OC bracket and the LA Chapter is responsible to select the LA bracket representative from LA County and north within the CIF-SS. Any CIF-SS member school that has a varsity lacrosse team is eligible to receive a bid.

Procedures to Select the Boys OC Bracket Representative

All participating teams must be able to by CIF-SS rules, play 2 additional games (CIF-SS currently allows 20 regular season lacrosse games for it’s member schools). The Chapter will respect any sanctions imposed by the CIF-SS, so every school playing in the OC Chapter tournament must be in good standing with the CIF and be allowed to participate in postseason competition. Teams that are not in good standing or have played more than their CIF-SS maximum games minus 2 are not eligible for the tournament.

There are 7 automatic bids for the 7 “League/Conference” Champions. Since not all high schools offer varsity lacrosse, the OC Chapter recognizes that some schools have formed leagues that may not be the same as their official CIF-SS league. For current season the OC Chapter recognizes the following 7 leagues that will receive an automatic bid as designated by their league. The 7 leagues and their member schools are listed here with up to date league standings.

The league is responsible to designate a representative that will inform the OC Chapter seeding chairman which school will receive their league’s automatic bid by 4:00 PM on the Saturday before the tournament starts. For 2018 the date for that notification is 4/29/18. If the League’s designate fails to inform the OC Chapter, that bid will be given to the league winner as designated on Laxpower.com.

The 9 remaining spots are awarded to the top 9 ranked schools that are eligible and have not received an automatic bid. The rankings are determined in the following manner.

Ranking Points

  • Final Coaches Poll – Each school’s coach will receive 1 vote to a weekly coaches poll to determine the top 20 varsity school teams in the OC bracket. The top school in the final coaches poll shall receive a maximum of  50 points. Points are determined by the following formula: 51-x ranking in the poll. For example, if a program has unanimous #1 ranking, that program would receive 51-1 or 50 points. This formula is applied to the top 20 positions. If there is a tie for 2nd place each team is essentially ranked at the 2.5 position and will receive 51-2.5(48.5 points).
  • Seeding Committee Ranking– Ranking by the seeding committee is worth a maximum of 50 points. The top school is awarded 50 points down to the 20th school receiving 30 points (51 points minus program ranking) Tie breaking procedure below.

All points are added together and the 9 remaining bids are given to the schools with the 9 highest scores. Once the 16 teams are determined, they are seeded according to their ranking point total; the highest receiving the number 1 seed and the lowest receiving the 16 seed.

The standard 16 team bracket is used:

  • 1st round 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, 4 vs 13 5 vs 12, 6 vs 11, 7 vs 10, 8 vs 9.
  • 2nd round winner of 1/16 vs winner of 8/9, winner of 2/15 vs winner of 7/10 etc.

If two 2 schools receive the exact same accumulated points they are ranked against each other in the following manner:

  • Head to head
  • Common opponents results
  • Common opponents goals against
  • Laxpower computer ranking http://www.laxpower.com/update17/binboy/rating08.php
  • If still tied a then coin flip.

If more than two teams receive the exact same accumulated points the teams are ranked in the following manner:

  • League standing if appropriate(All teams must be in the same league)
  • Common opponents to all team results
  • Common opponents to all teams goals against
  • Laxpower computer ranking http://www.laxpower.com/update18/binboy/rating08.php
  • If still tied lottery selected by the seeding committee chairman

Programs are eligible to host a playoff game in rounds 1 and 2 if they satisfy the annual pre-season officials and coaches meeting requirements . Those games shall be played at the higher seeded programs arranged field. If neither team is eligible, then higher seed will host. Home team provides officials (3 are recommended),table officials, balls and all other CIF-SS mandatory venue requirements. Visitor provides their own transportation to the venue. The Chapter provides the venue, officials, and balls for county semi-finals and finals. Participating teams provide their own transportation

For coaches desiring to make a case for their program’s playoff credentials, the only permissible contact to coaches or the committee is either to submit something in writing to the Men’s Area Chairman and the Chairman will then circulate the document to all the coaches and seeding committee. Or, a coach can email ALL the coaches directly and cc the Men’s Area Chairman. Any other form of communication will be deemed unsportsmanlike and the program will not be eligible to host a playoff game for the current season. Playoff hosting is subject to appeal to the chapter executive board upto one day after program learns it is not eligible.

Seeding Committee Eligibility
1.Must be independent of any CIF-SS HS lacrosse program.
a)Parents of current rostered players are not considered independent
b)Former players of current OC CIF-SS programs less than 5 years removed are not considered independent
c)Anyone that currently coaches any sport at any level for a current CIF-SS high school that offers boys or girls lacrosse is not considered independent
d)Anyone that has immediate family members currently playing for a team that is coached by a coach or player for a current CIF-SS HS boys lacrosse coaching staff at any level(frosh/soph,jv,varsity) is not considered independent
e) A current member of a HS booster club that offers CIF-SS boys or girls lacrosse is not considered independent
f)Anyone that has an immediate family member that attends a CIF-SS boys lacrosse school is not considered independent

Coaching for a youth program where a member of a CIF-SS boys lacrosse coach also coaches must be disclosed

2. Must be willing to meet Saturday before playoffs in Orange County
3. Must demonstrate an understanding of boys lacrosse (player, coach and/or ref immediately satisfies this requirement)
4.Must be willing to closely follow OC Boys lacrosse to form opinions on teams

1 vote on the coaches poll shall be a public poll administered by the chapter using an online polling service ending the same time as the final coaches poll. Subject to 500 vote minimum. All electronic efforts to eliminate ballot stuffing will be taken

1 Committee vote shall be the Laxpower.com poll at the time the committee’s final poll is taken. For example if there are 8 members on the seeding committee, there will be 9 votes with laxpower rankings counting as one vote.