Honors Lynch in Alumni Game

The alumni game on Friday was not like previous years. Prior to the game Sailors past and present gathered with family and friends to honor the memory of  former team captain (’17).

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Players, alumni and supporters gather around in a circle to remember former Newport Harbor boys lacrosse player . (Photo credit – Teran Rodriguez)

Sailors coach spoke with great admiration for the impact Lynch made to not only the program, but to other people.

“He (Lynch) was probably one of the best team players I’ve ever coached. He always checked in with not only the guys on [the varsity] team, but the guys on JV to see how they were doing,” Todd said. “He actually showed a sincere interest in their development and encouraged the younger guys to come along.”

stands with the Lynch family during a gathering for former Newport Harbor boys lacrosse player Patrick Lynch. (Photo credit – Teran Rodriguez)

In another tribute to Lynch, the Sailors retired Lynch’s jersey, which marked the first time the program has ever retired a jersey. The Sailors will also wear a no. 9 sticker on their helmets this season in honor of Lynch.

Patrick Lynch’s home and away jerseys have been retired by Newport Harbor High School. The white jersey will be given to the Lynch family while the blue jersey will hung up in the Sailors’ locker room. (Photo credit – Teran Rodriguez)

, a Newport Harbor graduate from 2018 and former teammate of Lynch’s, talked about how Lynch helped him in an emergency and that he was a true teammate.

“He was a huge part of the program, he was always the guy to go the extra mile,” Mooers said. “He even let me borrow his own cleats for a whole year because mine broke. Just real team player, a real great guy.”

As for the alumni game itself, the current Sailors dominated, beating the alumni 10-4. The current Sailors were led by Bryant-bound ,  and .

Mooers,  (class of 2017),  (class of 2018) and  each scored once for the alumni.

After the game, it began to rain, but not before the players enjoyed some pizza and reminiscing.

Teran Rodriguez
Teran Rodriguez has been a member of the MaxLax family for three years (going on four).