New Youth Program For Irvine

Most people will agree that the foundation for a successful high school lacrosse program is a successful local youth program that serves as a feeder. These feeder programs are where the kids learn the rules, the skills, and the lacrosse IQ that prepare them for Orange County High School lacrosse. If you need a little convincing, just take a look at Orange County Lacrosse Association list of club teams; Beach Cities is from the Los Alamitos area, Best Coast is from the Huntington Beach area, Hewes is from the Foothill Area, etc. Noticeably absent from the OCLA is a program that serves the Irvine Unified School District.

Woodbridge parent Geoff Giglio feels that while Woodbridge and other IUSD schools remained competitive with one another, they are falling behind other programs that have successful feeder programs. Putting two and two together, Giglio teamed with Victory Lacrosse to form Victory Irvine, a program that will start competition in the 2014 OCLA spring season. Giglio says “We have such great kids and great athletes playing in the IUSD, I’d like to see our young guys coming in as ready to play as the Beckman kids, the Foothill kids, and the other OC high school programs. And for those kids who really love the game and eventually decide they want to play in college, I wanted to have a program that can lead them down that path. That’s why I chose to align our program with Victory.”

Victory Irvine has assembled an impressive coaching staff that includes Vijay Sharma from Northwood, Jordan Michaels from Woodbridge, and Chris Keena. Glen Miles (St. Margaret’s), Paddy Chester (Mater Dei) , and Ryan Keleher (Mater Dei Assistant) will help oversee the inaugural teams. Victory Irvine is also bring in form Ward Melville and University of North Carolina star Jason Sanders of LearnLax to help with trainings, and eventually coach travel and select teams.

U13 and U15 Victory Irvine teams are forming now for the OCLA spring league. For more information and to register visit the Victory Lacrosse website.