NAIA Approves Lacrosse As ‘Invitational’ Sport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ National Administrative Council (NAC) officially approved men’s and women’s Lacrosse as NAIA invitational sports on June 19 at its June meeting in Orlando.

Currently, 27 men’s and 30 women’s programs are offered by 37 institutions, two of which also offer junior varsity programs. Another 15 NAIA schools offer club lacrosse programs that have the potential to move to varsity in the future. The first Invitational for each will be held in May 2016.

Invitational sport status is the second tier in the NAIA’s emerging sport policy. To be recognized as an invitational sport, 25 or more institutions must declare their intent to sponsor the sport, and the NAC must approve the coaches association’s application for invitational status.

Approval begins a minimum two-academic year process of the lacrosse moving toward compliance with association bylaws, including eligibility, and determination of policies, procedures and qualifications for invitational events. Sponsorship by at least 40 institutions is required for consideration of championship status.

Three NAIA conferences offer sponsor lacrosse as a conference championship sports: Appalachian Athletic Conference, the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference and the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference. NAIA conferences have the autonomy to set up a sport with championship status within their conference, regardless whether that sport is an official NAIA-sponsored championship sport.

In July, the NAIA will sponsor the NAIA Lacrosse Showcase recruiting opportunity in St. Louis. The one-day event allows high school and junior college lacrosse athletes to show their individual skills in front of NAIA lacrosse coaches with the chance to earn a scholarship. Men’s Lacrosse takes place July 27 and women’s lacrosse on July 28. Event details and registration are at

Source: NAIA Approves Lacrosse As ‘Invitational’ Sport