Meet Edison Coach

Edison High School has a rich athletic history.  And in that tradition, the Chargers surprised more than a few people when they finished their first season of CIF lacrosse with an 8-8 record.  During the offseason, the Chargers had a coaching change and they are now lead by Team New Zealand player .  Coach Clayton took some time to talk about his background and plans for Chargers lacrosse.  Read on to meet Rich Clayton.  

Q: Tell us about your lacrosse background. Where did you play? How long have you been coaching?
A: Lakeridge HS, Oregon. Oregon State University. Team New Zealand ‘11 ‘14. I have been coaching for past 7 years.

Q: What style of play do you like to use?
A: Fundamentally Fast.

Q: The Chargers turned some heads by going 8-8 in their first year of CIF competition. What are your team goals for this year?
A: Improve on the foundations set by the players of yesteryear. Be proud of our program and what it takes to win in the highly competitive CIF.

Q: Where do you want this team to be in five years?
A: Edison Athletics has taught the boys how to be a part of a team, the system is in place now we wait and see.

Q: Do you like to give inspirational speeches to your players before the game?
A: Nope. Just Business as usual.

Q: Favorite lacrosse memory as a player?
A: Presenting the haka, (native New Zealand war dance) to the Iroquois lacrosse team at the 2014 World Games in . Then playing with my 3 brothers in the tournament.

Q: Favorite lacrosse memory as a coach?
A: Going back to Lakeridge High and coaching JV2. Helping a program that gave me so much.

Q: Name three things on your lacrosse bucket list –
A: 1. Only one grow the sport.

Q: What is the best movie of all time?
A: Big Lebowski

Q: What one piece of advice do you have for the young player looking forward to playing in high school?
A: Best times with guys you will remain friends with for life.

Q: What one piece of advice do you have for the high school player hoping to play in college?
A: There are so many options to play lacrosse past high school. Just keep playing! Find the right fit for you and commit 100 percent.

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