Meet Hudson Parker, Mission Viejo’s New Head Coach

mission viejoHudson Parker, a 2009 graduate of Mission Viejo High School, was recently named head coach of the Diablos varsity lacrosse program. Hudson spent some time with to share his thoughts on lacrosse in the OC and his plans for the Mission lacrosse program. Read on to meet Hudson Parker.

Q. The local lacrosse scene has evolved significantly since you began playing at Mission Viejo High School about eight years ago. What do you think the biggest changes have been?

A. Lacrosse definitely has continued to evolve over these past eight years and I would say the biggest difference is the emergence of all the different club programs in the area. Now kids are starting younger and playing all year long. This has risen the level of play not only of the individuals but of all the high school programs as well.

Q. Best lacrosse memory as a player?

A. To this day my favorite memory in lacrosse is knocking off Hewes in a double overtime semi finals game in my eighth grade season and going on to win the championship. Both my Mission Viejo team as well as that Hewes team had so many good lacrosse players that went on to be high school stars on it, that it made for the most intense youth lacrosse game I’ve ever seen.

Q. Best lacrosse memory as a coach?

A. Beating Dana Hills in overtime of the Division II Championship game in 2011. Our senior stud attackman Ian Nickle tied it with 6 seconds left and then on our first possession of overtime Spencer Taylor hit the game winner from about 15 out. Everyone stormed the field and it was an awesome moment for all those players as well as our staff.

Q. Do you like to give inspirational speeches to your players before the game?

A. I’ve been known to give an inspirational speech here and there throughout our season yes. I loved hearing them as a player so I try and get the guys going from time to time with them.

Q. What are your three top priorities for next season?

A. 1. To get our school excited about lacrosse 2. To have the players get the most out of their high school lacrosse experience 3. To instill character into these young men that will stay with them far beyond their years on the lacrosse field.

Q. What style of play do you like to use?

A. I plan on playing fast. Much faster than we have in the past. I want to score in unsettled situations and control the pace of the game. It will be difficult at times but that is the plan

Q. What is your favorite movie?

A. That is a difficult question. There are so many I could think of but in keeping it in the theme of sports I will have to go with “Remember The Titans,” you can’t ever go wrong with a Denzel Washington film.

Q. Do you watch “Breaking Bad”? If so, how do you think Walter White’s fate will be in the final episode?

A. I actually do not. Although I did watch maybe the first six episodes. I feel like unfortunately he has to die though. That’s how movies and TV series are. You have a connection with the character and think what he is doing is for good but they cant let him get away with it! so instead of getting busted I believe he will pass away in the final episode.

Q. Would you say you are quiet on the sidelines or do you like the guys to hear you?

A. I am pretty vocal. I don’t yell just to yell though, I just want the players to know what I want out there and I like to be another set of eyes scanning the field in case I am seeing something that they are not.

Q. What is one thing about you that most people do not know?

A. I never played soccer or baseball growing up. Strictly football and lacrosse for me.

Q. What advice do you have for the high school player who wants to play in college?

A. My advice would be to put yourself out there. Go to recruiting camps, play for club teams, and send in game film to the schools you desire to play for. Talk to your coaches and ask them if they can contact college coaches for you, because believe me, Orange County is full of lacrosse talent and most of these kids can play somewhere its just about being assertive and working hard to achieve those goals that you have set for yourself.

Q. When you were a kid, did you sit in the back of the classroom or in the front?

A. I usually sat in the middle of the class so I could be around the most people

Q. Will Southern California lacrosse overtake East Coast lacrosse in quality of play some day?

A. I believe we have a great opportunity to do so. I honestly believe that southern California has some of the best athletes in the world and we are able to practice all year long which gives us a huge advantage over the East Coast. The advantage they have on us is the coaches they have and the knowledge of the game that the players have, but with coaches like Kyle Harrison, Glen Miles, and Brad Reppert coming here from their respected lacrosse communities it is only helping the process of moving Southern California up the ranks in lacrosse.