MaxLaxOC’s 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

photoIt’s taken a while to completely reflect on the year that was 2013. MaxLaxOC grew, CIF added teams, and new coaches were hired everywhere. We know 2014 is going to top 2013 for several reasons but to ensure that it reaches its potential, we’ve compiled a list of resolutions for everyone.


– MaxLaxOC will have new content every day. At MaxLaxOC we strive to bring the Orange County area the freshest and most relevant content. We are your eyes and ears and we know that the pulse of OC lax beats every day.

– MaxLaxOC’s Weekly Coaches Poll will be the most accurate ranking system in the region. Laxpower is a great tool for valuing strength of schedule vs. record to achieve a power ranking that is applicable to value teams against each other across leagues and states. But until the conclusion of the season the ranks are arbitrary and incomplete. MaxLaxOC will work to ensure the Coaches Poll is complete and accurate so the best teams get the credit they deserve.

– MaxLaxOC will run every day and eat better. We’re trying to get to that magical weight this year and this resolution will surely stick as we make ourselves delicious salads for lunch and run for at least 45 minutes every day.

– MaxLaxOC will bring your friends and loved ones to the OC’s best games. Whether it be via live tweets (follow us @MaxLaxInc on Twitter), video recaps, or top plays of the weeks, your friends and family members all over the country will feel like they are at each game.

Player’s (suggested)

– Hit the wall two days a week (alternative: hit the wall for 10 minutes before each practice). This one will help even the most experienced players. When talking to Mikey Powell he attributes his success to carrying a stick with him to school on his hip through a holster and hitting the wall during passing period. That is a little extreme but I can tell you from experience that the old fashioned technique of hitting the wall is the BEST way to improve quickly. If your off-hand needs work especially do this. No friends necessary and walls seem to be plentiful in Orange County. Watch out for windows.

– Commit to school. NCAA Schools are increasingly pressuring on their coaches to recruit better students. There are obvious advantages to being recruited when your hard work off the field matches your work on the field, but there are even more devestating disadvantages to having a low GPA/SAT. This past weekend in Del Mar we spoke with many coaches about who they were watching and who they were interested in and 80% of the coaches mentioned someone they wish they could recruit but were not interested because of a low GPA. On the flip side, it’s never too late to show improvement to schools. If you had a bad first semester this year, have a great second one. Improvement and hard work is valued just as heavily for schools than consistency.

– Listen to your body. Injuries can kill a season for a team. If there is something that doesn’t feel right, get it checked out by a trainer or doctor. If your body is sore, make sure to stretch appropriately and eat right to minimize recovery time and give your body the nutrients to strengthen. Don’t hold your team back by forgetting to stretch or putting yourself in a dangerous situation that might lead to an injury.

Parents (Suggested)

– Believe in your coach.  This is the key to a team reaching it’s potential for players and parents alike. Your coach was hired for a reason. He is wise in the art of lacrosse and after spending two hours with his team everyday, knows his players better than anyone. If there are constant distractions off the field, a coach can be handicapped from doing his job to the best of his ability. In addition to the immediate implications of distractions, team unity is something that starts from the top. If parents and coaches are on the same page, players are more likely to listen, learn, and improve throughout the season. Finally, coaching is almost a full-time job that pays like an internship (unless you’re at a private school) meaning the coaches want to be there and love what they are doing. It would almost certainly be beneficial to understand this before dealing with issues on and off the field.

– Do what you can. A lot more goes into a team’s success than scoring goals and defensive scheming. Even if it is oranges at half-time, find something you can do to help your team succeed.

– Spread the word. MaxLaxOC consistently strives to deliver the best coverage of lacrosse possible. Tell your friends and family about us and let us know if there is anything we can do to further improve the site! We love to hear from our fans.