MaxLaxOC GOTW Video: Beckman Wins 2OT Thriller over Tesoro

Beckman MaxLaxOC’s Week 4 game of the week was nothing short of exhilarating. After being tied at the conclusion of each regulation quarter it was fitting it would be tied after the first OT and the game would be won with seconds left in the second OT.

On a relatively warm and windy day the sticks were a bit dry and both teams came out a little cautious and slow. By the first half both squads knew they were in for a battle and dug deep to play for two hours into double overtime to crown a winner.

Cole Spooner took advantage of the unsuspecting Beckman defense when he won the opening faceoff, dished to Sage Devault (2 assists) at the point who found Riley Finn (3 goal, 1 assist) who put the Titans up 1-0 in the first seven seconds. Beckman would settle down and answer four minutes later with two back-to-back goals in 30 seconds by Trevor Keene (2G, 1A) and Jake Waltz (1G). The constant theme to the score was that going into each new quarter the game was tied. Quinn Tooey (Long Pole, 1G) fulfilled the prophecy tying the game at 2-2 with six to play in the first.

For the rest of the game both offenses possessed the ball and had long, multiple dodge attempts at the goal. Contrary to the usual problem of bad defense and communication that leads to no sliding, it was in fact these possessions that just wore down both defenses that resulted in five of Beckman’s last seven goals being unassisted and three of Tesoro’s last six.

Back-and-forth scoring kept the game within two for the last 36+ minutes of the game. In the third, Brandon Mayo (2G) and Finn gave Tesoro a two-goal lead until Alex Knox (3G) and Alex Watson (1G) tied the game at 8-8 heading into the fourth.

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Tesoro’s Blake Warner (2G) and Alex Malmlund (1G, 1A) exchanged goals three minutes into the fourth and from then on the game got hectic. Players, parents and coaches were continuously on edge for the last nine minutes of the game when shot after shot was either saved or deflected by both goalies– Tesoro’s Gunner Garn (8 saves) and Beckman’s Matt Allen (14 Saves) and every timeout was used to strategize each possible last possession for each team. No play either coach Brenden Finnerty or Adam Miner would help put a ball in the back of the goal as regulation came to an end.

Both teams seemed exhausted having gone full tilt for 48 minutes. The four minutes of the first OT seemed like an eternity as did the first three minutes of the second due to every second being critical and each dodge maybe becoming a game winning play. Finally with 22 seconds to play in double OT, Garn made a huge doorstop save that ricocheted out to a Beckman middie who dished to Nick White who used the home field bounce to his advantage to give Beckman the W and a quality Top 10 win for the Patriots 10-9.

Stars of the Game:

1. Nick White, Beckman, Middie: White scored the game winner and was constantly in the mix. He had two goals, 4 groundballs, and 1 takeaway in an impressive all around game.

2. Matt Allen, Beckman, Goalie: Allen puts his body in front of everything. Even after a few mistakes on clears he regained his composure and would simply add another save to his tally as Beckman came back down the field.

3. Brandon Mayo, Tesoro Middie: Mayo was not the leading point scorer in this game for Tesoro (Finn had four points) but Mayo was the middie with the ball in his stick for every chance Tesoro had down the stretch. He is shifty and if he had put a few more shots on cage he could have had two or three more goals.

–MaxLaxOC Staff Report