MaxLaxOC Girls’ Player of the Week

mission logoThe Girls’ Player of the Week,Sam Leyds, has had an outstanding varsity lacrosse career thus far. With her senior still in front of her, the junior Mission Viejo Diablo has already scored 102 goals. She is an offensive force who also excels in draw control.

Mission Viejo Head Coach Dave Yates has this to say about Sam Leyds: “Sam has had an excellent run of games in league play. She is a central figure on the team taking 90% of our draws. One thing that has really helped Sam elevate her play is the play of her teammates and the expectations of the Varsity team. When a player can continually raise their performance level like Sam has throughout a season, it is an indication of some unteachable competive abilities that are an asset to any team and program.

Sam Leyds
Sam Leyds

Sam is a very diverse young lady who take AP classes, outside art classes, and Spanish courses. She is a talented athlete who is a high level Varsity athlete in three sports (volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse). As a teammate, Sam has a unique awareness of team needs, is able to perform at a high level in big games, and right or wrong most always will defend her teammates. Sam challenges players to perform at that high level just out of her sheer competitiveness.

After high school, Sam plans to continue with athletics and lacrosse in particular.

As a head coach for Sam in both lacrosse and basketball at Mission Viejo High School, I have certainly seen Sam make plays that a coach just can’t teach. I have also seen her battle through adversities and hard coaching, yet continue to perform, where many other players would have simply quit.

Sam has a bright future as a player and a person, and I’m proud of what she has done this lacrosse season for herself, teammates, and the program. Sam is at her best in the biggest of games, and with league play wrapping up and the playoffs beginning, we can all expect Sam to take her play to an even higher level.”

Congratulations, Sam Leyds!