MaxLaxOC 2.0: Our Sleek New Look

Welcome to MaxLaxOC, Version 2.0.

As you can see, we’ve made a few changes to the site. Given that we’ve upgraded everything, we thought we might list out a few things that might be going through the collective minds of everyone gawking at just how beautiful our new site looks. Nothing was lost in terms of functionality, content, or commitment to gritty OC lax information. And at the same time EVERYTHING was gained.

“Wow, the site looks clean, fresh, and even loads fast on computers and mobile!”

Why yes, while we aren’t willing to say that the site design deserves to hang next to Warhol’s in the Museum of Modern Art (we’ll let you decide), we do think that our new layout brings you the best organization of our content in the cleanest way possible (unlike some other lacrosse news websites that make you navigate for clicks).

Will the new site crash or not respond like the old site did towards the end of last season?”

Nope; the new site is lighter and faster. At the end of last season we had an unprecedented amount of traffic from so many fans that our old layout could not handle it. The site should no longer have those issues and if you are seeing crashes please let us know at!

“I see there is a scoreboard section. Does this mean I will be able to check the site daily for score updates?”

The scoreboard section will compliment our live tweets of scores. We heard from you that you loved the live game tweets so that will not change. However, final scores will be updated daily on the scoreboard.

“Anything new that will help bring the fans directly into community?”

In fact we have a few more features that are still in development but one new feature we are excited about is our new Forums. If you go there now you’ll find there are no topics, but we will notify everyone via social media and site articles when new topics are posted. Our old comment section did not really provide a place for fair debate and we know many of you wish to have a voice. So, here it is! We encourage everyone to comment, ask, and debate hot topics in the community (keep it civil, though, or you’ll be deleted).

*We still encourage use of the comment section for comments!

“What does this all mean for me?”

We’ve been working hard all summer to bring you the best user experience. There will be more improvements and additions to come so stay tuned and check back daily!

We hope you like what you see and appreciate your support of!

-The staff



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