L.A. College Commitments

High School
Grad Year
Au, SpencerPalisadesSouthwesternG2017
Barry, JJPalos VerdesColorado MesaG2018
Cappelleti, GriffinLoyolaOberlinA2017
Conlon, EricThousand OaksNeumannM2017
Dankenbring, TaylorAgouraProvidenceD2017
Domic, TeoWest RanchSt. Joseph'sM2017
Dutton, WillThousand OaksWestminsterM2017
Econn, NikoLoyolaAir ForceD2017
Jimenez, TylerNewbury ParkCleveland StateA/M2017
Lowi, AustinPalos VerdesJacksonvilleA2017
Lund, CoryEl SegundoWilliamsA2017
Mohler, NickLoyolaSt. John'sD2017
Mora, RyderLoyolaMarylandM2017
Murphy, JimSt. FrancisYorkD2017
O'Hanlon, MasonLoyolaBabsonA2017
Partamian, JonathanLoyolaSyracuseM2017
Scouton, GavinRedondo UnionCSU-PuebloLSM2017
Shargel, MartyAgouraOnondaga CCA2017
Theuer, JoeLoyolaTuftsG2017
Lin, AlanValenciaWhittierA2017
Lewis, JohnCulver CItyJohnson & WalesM2017
Lewis, JulianValenciaNotre Dame de NamurD2017
Asbury, ZacThousand OaksSouthwesternA2017

This list was culled from MaxLaxLA.com reports, Laxpower.com, InsideLacrosse.com and RecruitingRundown.com.  It was updated on November 29, 2016.  Please let us know if you are aware of any other commits from the greater Los Angeles area by emailing us at [email protected] We’ll keep updating the table as new information comes in.

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