Matt Holman introduces the Overtime Podcast, an open conversation on racism in lacrosse


“My intent is to provide a forum for members of the lacrosse community to discuss matters of racism from their own experiences and perspectives. Through these communal talks, the once uncomfortable can be turned into a teachable and growth opportunity for a better future.

Today, the need to better understand each other is paramount if we, as a community, are to successfully continue as stewards of lacrosse. We are definitely NOT born with hatred of other human beings. It’s learned, it’s a product of our environment &/or experiences, but we are not born to hate. Lacrosse holds a special place in the hearts of all who participate (players, coaches, administratively, referees, team managers, and even fans). As with national sentiment, this conversation & change is long overdue. This is not a red or blue political statement but a joining of minds to better The Creators Game!”

Matt Holman

The Overtime podcast is available at  


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