Malmlund Tops Pacific Coast All LeagueTeams

Beckman High School senior attack Alex Malmlund was named Most Valuable Player of the Pacific Coast League and the following players earned First Team and Second Team All League Honors.

Goalie          Tyler Schweickert (Beckman/So/G)
All-league    Michael Bellas (Northwood/So/A)
All-league    Wesley Kim (Irvine/Sr/A)
All-league    Alex Watson (Beckman/Jr/A)
All-league    Jake Waltz (Beckman/Sr/M)
All-league     Jason Venezia (Northwood/Jr/M)
All-league    Tucker Page (Irvine/Sr/M)
All-league    Barry Baker (Northwood/Sr/D)
All-league    Tim Ellis (Beckman/So/D)
All-league    Zack Heller (Beckman/So/D)
All-league    Justin Cheng (Beckman/Fr/LSM)
All-league    Max Cody (Beckman/Fr/FOGO)

Second Team
Goalie           Marcus Redman (Northwood/So/G)
All-league    Jack Preston (Sage/Sr/A)
All-league    Brett Blackburn (Northwood/Sr/A)
All-league    Jack Bilello (Beckman/So/A)
All-league    David Trask (Irvine/Sr/A)
All-league    Zack Kennedy (Woodbridge/Sr/M)
All-league    Aidan O’Connor (Beckman/Sr/M)
All-league    Ryan King (Beckman/So/M)
All-league    Ryan Borda (Northwood/Sr/M)
All-league    Luke Coleman (Irvine/So/D)
All-league    Austin Dy (Beckman/Jr/D)
All-league    Raiden Huang (Northwood/Jr/D)


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