St. Margaret’s junior (far left in the picture) is the Athletes Choice of the Week.

“This fast 5’11” redhead has a fiery passion for lacrosse that burns brighter with each day,” according to Barkate’s X-Team profile. “She lives her life with a blazing intensity. When other people are burning out, Maddie Barkate is just firing up. She doesn’t just work hard, she enjoys working hard. Her passion IS the grind. When she’s not shooting an extra bucket after practice, you can find her, studying, volunteering, playing beach volleyball, or working towards her black belt in MMA. The “fire” on her head only shows the surface of the bonfire inside her.”

St. Margaret’s coach  notes that Barkate’s intensity and work ethic rubs off on her teammates and helps to make them better players.

Barkate “brings the definition of work to the next level,” Reilly said by email. “She motivates our entire team.”

Barkate was the second leading goal scorer on the Tartans last season, finding the back of the net 60 times in 19 games. She also handed out 25 assists for a total of 85 points. Goalies beware… Barkate is looking to boost those numbers in 2018 and beyond. Reilly reports that Barkate works on her shooting close to every day.

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