MacLeod Named MVP of Pacific Coast League

Northwood senior Ayden MacLeod was named MVP of the Pacific Coast League. MacLeod led the Timberwolves (12-7) to second place in the PCL behind Beckman.  He scored 56 goals and 27 assists on the season, leading the team in both categories.

Below are all the recipients for the Pacific Coast League all-league awards:

Pacific Coast League All-League Awards

MVP: Ayden MacLeod, Northwood, Sr.

First Team Pacific Coast All-League

  • Casey Finley, Beckman, Junior
  • Carsen Briggs, Northwood, Junior
  • Gavin Dankert, Beckman, Junior
  • Max Tait, Northwood, Sophomore
  • Jason Cheng, Beckman, Junior
  • Kenton Wilson, Beckman, Junior
  • Nick Krolikowski, Woodbridge, Senior
  • Josh Carter, Beckman, Junior
  • Alex Gillman, Beckman, Junior
  • John Harley, Beckman, Senior
  • Travis Arena, Northwood, Sophomore
  • Morgan Puliafico, Beckman, Junior

Second Team Pacific Coast All-League

  • Oliver Kubit, University, Senior
  • Brandon Hariyato, University, Senior
  • Christopher Chua, Northwood, Senior
  • Alex Rivas, Northwood, Junior
  • Jaxson Anderson, Northwood, Junior
  • Jackson Baker, Northwood, Junior
  • Matt Chung, Woodbridge, Senior
  • Ethan Keors, Northwood, Sophomore
  • Trevor Lucas Hall, University, Senior
  • Alex Clayton, Woodbridge, Junior
  • Matt Keith, Northwood, Sophomore
  • Dolan Chang, Northwood, Sophomore

Teran Rodriguez
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