Lockdown Recruiting Analysis: Shane Dzwilewski

Shane was first written up for Maxlax when he was spotted at Sandstorm as an 8th grader in an article entitled ‘Three Standout Performers from Sandstorm Day 1′   That piece also featured Bobby Gavin (Torrey Pines ’20) who is now at UVA and Ryan Henry (Yorba Linda ’20) who is now at U Mass. 

The young close defender  looked very athletic and had a big motor.  He wasn’t what he is today in terms of the potential to dominate games but if there’s a 21 spring season he has that potential this year.  In all of OC he is only the 4th player from the class of 2021 to commit D1.  Let’s take a look at how he got there.

Covid D1 quiet period shut down opportunities as far as coaches being able to watch players live. That was particularly tough on Shane’s situation because his football commitments prevented him from playing on the club circuit and traveling to recruiting events. Having won an LA/OC title as a sophomore starter in lacrosse with St Margaret’s he was after legit championships and playing locally with his high school teammates while not in football mode.  

2020 should have been Shane’s summer to play back east and get some looks. Unfortunately, Covid shut that down.  He made one trip this fall back east to play for Legends and that film turned out to be a big help.

 In addition his football ability proved to be key as well.  I interviewed UVA head coach Lars Tiffany not too long ago and he stressed two-sport athletes as will most any D1 coach.  Coach Tiffany listed one-sport guys as almost a deal breaker.  With the limited chance to watch Shane play lacrosse live several coaches reached out for football film.

In the fall of 2020 Shane had a few D1s interested but as Covid picked up steam roster-size issues emerged and it really came down to 2 D1’s and  several D2’s as we headed into 2021.  D2’s could watch live ( no quiet period extension) and they jumped on it.  They saw D1 talent possibly coming their way.  

As it got down to crunch time the Bellarmine coaches, who had extensive backgrounds in football as well watch all the lacrosse video they could and watched football to further study quickness and athleticism. This is one area Shane shines.

Shane grew from 5’11 (see picture below) to 6’4 (see top pcture) in about a year and a half and actually got quicker. I can not recall another example of such dramatic grow while getting more athletic.  He went from 185 lbs  to 205 lbs over that same time frame.  At 6’4 205-210 pounds coming out of high school, he probably will play at 6’4 225 lbs in college.  Shane will most likely not peak until sophomore year in college as an athlete, he’s still growing.  Coaches saw this and projected it out as well.  

Before. Shane is the little guy in this 2017 picture with Devin Arkison (middle) and CdM alum Brennan Greenwald.

In addition Shane is a team guy, he’s about team play and coaches liked that as well.  In addition as a kid around the fields I have never heard a negative word about Shane from a single coach, there are no negatives on that end of the equation.  As coaches checked around it was all green lights.  

 Last but not least Shane can ball, he hasn’t played the big club circuit but he’s been in some huge high school games in front of big crowds and played top top competition with great success.  In the end Bellarmine came with a commitment to Shane and his family on their end that showed this was no late roster freebee, they showed their commitment to this young man.  

On a personal note Shane is one of the finest young men I’ve ever coached and I’ve been around some great ones! I’m extremely happy for his family, they earned this spot with hard work, determination and grit. I think Bellarmine got a got a good one, can’t wait to find out!   

Devin Arkisonhttp://LockdownD.com
Devin Arkison is the owner of LockDownD, which specializes in defense training and recruiting consulting. He was a 3x All American at Hobart.