Lockdown Recruiting Analysis:

Servite senior defenseman recently announced his commitment to Bellarmine. He wasn’t a well known player in OC or on the club circuit.  How did a player who was under-rated in his own local sphere catch the eye of D1 programs?

Servite coach Tom O’Leary is defensive minded and runs a great program, that was key.  As a college prospect, Nick shines as a two sport type athlete. He is very fast and has hit the weight room hard.  

4.6 40 yard dash speed stands out, he’s super quick and strong at 185 lbs.  His film from the spring season to UA showed big improvement and that trajectory got him interest from more than one D1 coach.  He only went back east for one tournament in his career, and had a turf toe which is very painful and played in pain which was another feather in his cap.  It didn’t go unnoticed by coaches.  

In addition he was truly  interested in the academic side of the equation, again coaches noticed the maturity in that.   Last but not least Nick is a humble kid.  Humble and hard working is a recipe for success, he’s not about Instagram posts or counting stats.   

As far as Bellarmine it’s a program ready to bounce back.  They had some very strong years and then had some coaching turn over.  Jim Mitchell came in after an extremely successful run as an assistant at Rutgers.   While at Rutgers, Mitchell found and successfully recruited close defender who was OC played of the year in 2017 out of CDM.  Not easy to be player of year at close D.  2015 of CDM earned the same honor at close D and went on to star at ND, he ran a blazing 4.5 40 yards dash.
    Mitchell got it going at Bellarmine but ultimately took the offensive coordinator job at Princeton. The head job went to Andrew Whitley who had an excellent run coaching at Fairfield and most recently Bellarmine added coach Nick Marks as an assistant, he played and coached at Bucknell and was most recently at Whittier College.       

OC’s own Eric Ruback is a senior Captain at Bellarmine, he is legit!  Very good player, he came out of Santa Margarita Catholic and along with they had one of the best close D’s in the county a few years back.  CJ was a 4 year starter at State and won a national championship there. He’s an all time fan favorite in OC for his play on the field and attitude off it.     

So far three 21’s in OC have committed, the other two being out of Los Al going to Ohio State and from Foothill will head to after graduation.  

Devin Arkisonhttp://LockdownD.com
is the owner of LockDownD, which specializes in defense training and recruiting consulting. He was a 3x All American at Hobart.