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LeverageIn 2010, Leverage Lacrosse created the Los Angeles Box Lacrosse League a “Canadian style” box lacrosse league in Torrance. Leverage Lacrosse has teamed with 3D Lacrosse for the 2013 fall season and will offer a box lacrosse camp in Huntington Beach September 7th and 8th.

As program director, Coach Chris Jewett notes “Stick skills are crucial in the game of lacrosse and playing box in very tight quarters helps our boys to develop these very important skills. From an offensive point of view players are taught the importance of keeping your stick up by your ear in the “quadruple threat” position, two man pick and role games, cycling through on the backside, their shooting skills improve dramatically as box lacrosse goals are half the size of those on the field and the goalies are “over stuffed” wearing bulky pads similar to hockey, making it very difficult to score. On defense the players footwork improves as they are taught to only “play the hip” and turn and run with their opponent. The team transition games starts to click as we stress getting back to the hole on D and setting up, plus on O pushing the ball up the floor similar to basketball to create uneven situations which almost always ends with a scoring opportunity. Most importantly playing this high paced, action packed style of box lacrosse that the players love, makes our boys much better all while having fun!”

The following information is from a Leverage Lacrosse press release.

High school games will be played Saturday nights and consist of three 15 minute running periods with a 30 second shot clock, a 1-minute timeout per game, and 1 minute between periods. The Leverage Lacrosse high school game dates are as follows

Youth games (grades 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8) will be played on Sundays and consist of three 15 minute running periods with a 30 second shot clock, a 1-minute timeout per game, and 1 minute between periods. The Leverage Lacrosse youth game dates are as follows:

The cost will be $1,900 per team ($118 per player for the traditional 16-player roster) and includes:

  • Player insurance
  • Certified Refs
  • 6 to 7 games in the LA Box League
  • Box goalie equipment – Please find a player each game willing to play goal.
  • Score keeper
  • New shot clocks
  • LA Box Championship
  • Socal Box Championship
  • All Star Games vs OC & SD

Coach Jewett say Leverage Lacrosse “plays Canadian style box lacrosse, meaning live boards, shot clocks, smaller goals with hockey style goalies, containment checks, and bump picks. Other leagues do not play this style, quite honestly because it is just too expensive to insure and their facilities can’t warrant the intense style of play. One of the main reasons we play this style is because it makes the boys better and they go much harder while in the box. I have always viewed box lacrosse as off season training and a fantastic way for the boys to improve their stick/shooting skills, as well as their offensive & defensive play.”