Legends National Cup Day 1

I didn’t see as many games as usual but ran into some college coaches of note.  D1 coaches were coaching teams, dead period for recruiting, but they were in town. 

Spent some time catching up with Dylan Sheridan of Ohio State.  Dylan crushed it in OC when he coached at Denver.  He recruited  Foothill’s Eric  Adamson to Denver when nobody knew about him several  years back and he was quite a find! Adamson is the fifth all time scorer for DU and won a national title as well, big time player. 

Dylan also recently scooped Ed Shean 2021 from Los Al to OSU.  Dylan is class act and friend of OC lax in my opinion, great to see him in Cali again.

First time visit to Socal area for Loyola University Associate head coach and my college teammate Mark VanArsdale who coached for Legends.  Loyola doesn’t get the respect they deserve. They beat UVA, Hopkins and Cuse last year.  Coach Van said they’ve gotten a few from Nocal but not much out of SoCal just yet, but he’s aware there are some good ones. VanArsdale is considered one of the best offense minds in the game over the last 20 years by the lacrosse inner circle.

Prior to Loyola he was at UVA for over 10 years where he coached Tom Groeninger. Tom is the father of Kevin and Matt Groeninger as well as a member of the St. Margaret’s coaching staff.

Another Hobart College alum who was in town doing a clinic, Penn State head coach Jeff Tambroni, stopped over to catch up for a few minutes.   He just scored 2021 FOGO baller Lake Baker out of Vegas in late September.  Could he have a SoCal area 21 on his radar?  My magic 8 ball says “it’s highly likely”

As far as players, Will Stahl 2022 for Socal Express was on fire.  The St Margret’s sophomore had at least 10 goals in two games, and a few assists.  In the St Margret’s tradition he’s team player at middie/mttack. He got his goals without being selfish and the righty had three or four goals off his left.  Watch out in 2020, this youngster was really good today.

Devin Arkison was a 3X All-American at Hobart College. He offers defensive training and recruiting consulting services through his business, LockdownD.com.