Lax Playoff Seeding Guidelines and Procedures

It’s hard to believe but the high school lacrosse season is just about over. On Saturday, the Coaches Advisory Committee will meet at 9:00 a.m to seed the playoff teams. Many high school lacrosse fans are not aware of how the playoff teams are selected and seeded but would like to know. The purpose of this article is to answer that question.

As detailed below, drives the seedings. Keep in mind that does not separate Division from Division 2. The top 8 teams in DI will qualify for the Open Division and the remaining 12 will be in the DI Playoffs. The top 12 teams in DII will qualify for the playoffs.

So based on today’s Laxpower rankings,  the boys’ lacrosse playoff teams would be seeded something like this:

Seed Open Division Division 1 Division 2
1  Torrey Pines Carlsbad  La Jolla
2  Poway  Santa Fe Christian  Saint Augustine
3  La Costa Canyon  Scripps Ranch Del Norte
4 Bishop’s School  San Marcos Valley Center
5  Cathedral Catholic  Grossmont  Patrick Henry
6  Coronado  Pacific Ridge El Camino
7  Westview  Eastlake San Diego
8  Mount Carmel  Granite Hills Montgomery
9 La Jolla Country Day Otay Ranch
10 Rancho Bernardo  Point Loma
11 Canyon Crest  Bonita Vista
12  Serra  Helix


1. Laxpower

The Laxpower rankings will be used to seed teams in the CIFSDS playoffs in each division.

2. Ties in the Power Rankings

When teams are tied in the power rankings, the advisory committee will use the following tiebreakers, in the following order to break the tie:

a. Head to Head Competition
b. Common Opponents and W/L records against those opponents
c. Vote of Advisory Committee
d. Seeding Committee Facilitator

Note: Ties will be broken at the beginning of each divisional seeding, prior to reviewing minimum number of contests.

3. Head to Head Competition

Advisories (Seeding Committees) will start at the top of each division’s power rankings and work down through the rankings to ensure accuracy of records and review head to head competition. When there is head to head competition between two consecutively ranked teams, and the team that is ranked lower has beaten the team immediately preceding them, or has beaten that team in the majority of head to head contests played, the lower ranked team will move up one spot in the rankings and the higher ranked team will move down one spot. The seeding committee will review head to head competition only through one position outside of the bracket, i.e., #13 in a 12-team bracket, #17 in a 16-team bracket, etc.

Teams can only move one position (up or down) based on head to head competition.

4. League Champions

When a league champion is ranked outside of the bracket, the league champion will host the lowest ranked team in the bracket in a “play-in” game. If there are multiple league champions ranked outside the bracket, multiple play-in games will be held with the highest ranked league champion playing the lowest ranked team in the bracket.

Example in a 12-team bracket:

# 14, #17 and #20 are league champions
Play-In Games

#14 v. #12
#17 v. #11
#20 v. #10

If a team ranked within the bracket, scheduled to play a play-in game, is also a league champion, the higher ranked team will host the play-in game.

The winner of the play-in game will travel to the higher seeded team in the next round of the playoffs.

5. 1st Round Matchups

Every effort will be made to avoid teams from the same league playing each other in 1st round games (this does not apply to the Open Division, which starts in the quarterfinal round. If it is determined by the Commissioner or designee that a 1st round league matchup cannot be avoided because it would significantly impact the integrity of the bracket, the two teams from the same league would play in the 1st round.