2020 Beats to Win

The 2020 squad capped a dominant weekend performance by beating 8-1 on Sunday to win the championship of the 2020 Blue Division at the .

Heat 2020 won five games in the tournament with a plus-32 goal differential. Their closest margin was a 10-7 win over True Idaho in the championship bracket semifinals. The Heat cruised through pool play with a 12-3 win over Fellowship Lacrosse, a 7-3 win over True 2020 and an 11-2 win over C2C Austin 2020.

Team 12 won Pool 2 with a 7-2 win over SLA-Beastie Boys, an 8-6 win over True Colorado Green 2020 and a 10-2 win over DoCo Devils. Team 12 reached the title game with a 7-1 over Team Amplify 2020.